Day 69

Haha, so this will be a boring post.. especially compared to yesterdays.

Anywhoooo.. I did jack all today, I’m so cool. Oh no, actually.. I read all of Topic 1 for uni, and read the page in the book it told me to read.. and yeah. I guess now I have to wait for the disc mum just sent me with the reading material on it or something?

What else.. Oh, made another lasagna for dinner! Haha. I’m a lasana chef.. 🙂

OH! Confuzzle the hedgehog also sold yesterday 😦 Nawww.. I’ll have to keep looking!

Nothing else really happened today.. I’m tired right now, but I’m waiting for Letterman to come on.. Apparently he was a “real asshole” to Kristen Stewart – cause she’s on the show tonight. So that’ll be exciting? Haha. Right now I’m watching CSI cause there’s nothing else to watch in the mean time!

Also! One of the theaters is playing Twilight, New Moon ANDDDDD Eclipse tomorrow night! One after the other! It’s like $18 for all three! The only problem is the Eclipse one starts at 11.55pm, and we wouldn’t be able to get home around 2am on public transport.. so there goes that one 😦 It would have been cool!

But that’s it really.. Canada day is coming up soon! On Thursday I’m pretty sure. Heidi will be working.. So I have no idea what I’ll end up doing D:

So yep! That’s it for this … Night!

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