Day 70

..Heidi is sitting at our desk in the other room, brushing her teeth?? Uhh.. Okay then! LOL

Anywhoo! Today I did a bit more reading on Uni stuff.. Applied for some more jobs.. and watched some TV. Pretty boring really. Sad no one wants to hire me, haha.

Oh, I also emailed Staples a couple of days ago about Malcolm/another rubber band ball.. I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned that or not.. but yeah, still no reply. So I’m guessing they don’t want to sponsor me 😦 Sucks! I can’t think of who else to email..

Hmm.. Tomorrow we get to go unicycling.. Yay! Something to do! Then Thursday is Canada day, not that I’ll be doing anything because Heidi will be at work.. I don’t even have any Canada stuff to wear/use in pride!

But yeah.. I’m done really. Tired.. Bored.. Ya know.. The usual..


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