Day 71


So today, I did like nothing much really during the day.. I got a call for an interview tomorrow, so I’m excited for that! They basically rang up and said “Hey, still looking for a job?” I was like yeah? “Cool.. wanna come in for an interview at 4pm tomorrow?” Scoreeeeee! I hope I get it hey. LOL the chick who took my resume and pre interviewed me even said she would hire me just cause of my accent.. I hope the manager chick thinks the same! 😀

What else.. Hmmm… Oh yeah, we went unicycling again! Yay for Wednesday nights! It was a bit awkward this time. The main two people weren’t there, so the other guy brought down all the unicycles.. I don’t know anyone’s name, just the one guy who wasn’t there. And yeah.. The unicycle Heidi normally uses was already in use cause we were a bit late. And the one I normally used was missing it’s seat? D: so we were on some other lame ones, and we sucked at them. So we really didn’t learn much, well I mean gain much more experience today. We were really on there for an hour before we resorted back to Maccas again for our $1 large soft drinks!

Speaking of that.. We’ve learned our lesson now. If we plan to get more large drinks, and refills before we leave.. MAKE SURE WE GO TO THE TOILET BEFORE WE GO.. Cause it’s ages before we get home! We were epicly busting tonight.. It was so bad. LOL.

And yep. That’s it really! Tomorrow is also Canada Day. Not that we’ll be doing anything cool for it anyways 😦 Cause Heidi’s working 9-2, then my interview is at 4. So that’s a blow. But we’ll probably end up downtown after that. I know there’s fireworks near the seawall at 10.30pm. So we might go to that I guess? Gives us something to do. Maybe we should dress up in all our Aussie gear? HAHA. Oh dear.

But yeah, I’m done now!


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