Day 72

Happy Canada Day!!

Alrighty.. Where to begin? Uhm… So I went upstairs and paid the rent around midday, had a bit of a chat with Richard.. then I came back down and just watched TV as per usual! Then I started getting ready to get the bus at 3.. Had a job interview at 4! So yep, that went good – hopefully! They said they’d call me to arrange the second interview.. But yeah, I have no clue otherwise! That’ll be next week sometime. Ahhh I want it! I’m sick of being jobless..

Then what…. oh.. The job thing was just a few stores down from Heidi’s so we met up then jumped on the bus to head to the skytrain to head downtown for the Canada Day festivities! Everything had been going through the day and by the time we got there it was just after 5. Most was ending at 6.. So we kinda missed all the fun. But when we were walking around downtown, we passed the art gallery..

Yeah, I didn’t take any photos of the congregation however.. But there was heaps of people, and stalls all set up.. It was pretty insane! I’m guessing that’s what everyone was talking about the 420 day being like. We took a walk through it just for the hell of it, and people were just so calmly walking around, selling it, swapping it, doing it, everything! It was very strange.. There was also like three police officers outside of the congregation just watching, making sure nothing got out of hand… The stuff may as well be legalized here!

So then we kept walking around.. Yarda yarda. We ended up at Maccas to have our $1 large soft drinks. And we basically just sat in there for a good hour. Watching people coming and going.. A lot of people were all dressed up in their Canada gear, some were just totally too drunk or stoned to function.. like one girl we observed come in with her friend.. then she came back in again later to go to the bathroom, without her friends… and we waited ages for her to come out.. we saw a friend go running in there a bit after her.. we totally figured she’d thrown up everywhere and made a total mess, or passed out! LOL.

Then suddenly, a fight totally broke out.. It’s not a very big store either! But we heard screaming, and then a thud, and by the time I’d turned around, I saw a guy on the ground, choke holding another guy! And a spilt drink all over the floor. The guy being choke held, his female friend was screaming out “WHAT THE F%^K MAN! WHAT THE F%^K!” very loudly! Then the guy choking holding ended up standing up, and dragging the guy he’d been choke holding out through the restaurant and then when he got to the door he pulled him up, then basically kicked him out the door and said “SEE WHAT HAPPENS!?!?” The girl followed them, still screaming the same thing out, very loudly. There was a crowd following it all, and the managers.. and half the staff… It was definitely a sight to see! The guy who did the choking, dragging, and kicking, basically walked back in, got his food and left shaking his head at the other guy.. It was really weird. And the guy who got kicked out called the cops straight away. LOL. Not that they could do anything, the other guy bailed a long time ago by the time the police arrived.

Oh! And while all that went on, that girl we’d been waiting to come back out must have come out! Cause we saw her walking around outside again and coming back in like 20 mins later, and we were so confused! We were just waiting for her to come out! HAHA. We suck. Ohh! There was a big toilet line up too, and this other girl said to one of the staff “Can I use the disabled toilet?” and the staff guy was going on about her being a human being or something.. I have no idea why. Then she goes “But… My leg is broken…” *Points at her perfectly fine legs* And the guy basically laughed and said something totally not understandable then walked away. It made me laugh, cause her leg was fine. LOL. She was slightly intoxicated too I’m guessing. Good try though!

And yep, that was exciting! HAHA. Oh yeah, they re-lit the cauldron today that they had lit up during the Olympics I’m guessing?

Pre cool.

There was so many people out there tonight for the fireworks.. Like, HEAPS. I heard someone say there was over 100,000 people. It was insane. We waited there for ages for the fireworks, then we watched like 10mins of them.. Heidi wanted to go, to beat the crowd to the train. Which really didn’t happen, cause we still had to cram EPICLY to get on the train from Burrard to Commercial. Like, we were so compact squished in there.. Oh delightful..

And yep, I can’t really think of what else happened.. I’m tired. And somewhat cold. I’m going to sleep well tonight! Not like there’s much to do tomorrow. It’s Saturday and Sunday that I’ve got stuff to do! Ahh.. Looking forward to the weekend defs!

I’m done.. Night!

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