Day 73


So  today I just chilled around the house, did some Uni reading/catch up I guess for awhile.. Then in the afternoon Heidi and I jumped on the bus and went down to New West just cause I needed phone credit, then we bussed back and came home for like 20 minutes? Before we headed back out to the bus stop with Lexi to head to the station to go down to the Church for the special 100th anniversary of the Church thing.

And yeah, they had heaps of people from “back in the day” there, talking about their experience with the youth group etc. Then afterwards there was a dinner thing, like pizza, chips, watermelon & ice cream! All good. Haha.

And yep, now we’re home! And I should be heading to bed.. cause I have the carnival tomorrow! I got asked to come in at 11.30 now instead of 1, and they’re gonna teach me how to make cotton candy! Yay! That’ll be fun LOL. I really like the carnival.. Really!

Soooo I’m off. Not that I’ll be able to sleep still for a few hours haha but I’ll try. Night!

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