Day 74

Another fun fun carnival day!

Soo I got up an hour earlier than I’d planned to.. I didn’t mean to, just happened. So I ended up being ready heaps early.. so I went and laid back in bed haha. Now, I’d checked the bus times last night and it said “10.28” for the bus I’d be catching. So it was like 10.07 and I decided to text and double check, “10.37” >_< SO I’D JUST MSSED ONE. And I couldn’t wait until the 10.37, cause I’d be late then! So I figured I’d go to the other side, and go to another station.. and I’d eventually end up at the same place lol. So I did.. I just made it over to the other side thankfully. And yeah!

Eventually I got to the carnival, I was first there out of everyone other than Doug & Jen, so I helped set up the swings.. Then Patti came and then I got to go into concession and work in there for the day! Concession was fun.. like.. it was crazy and hectic, but it was fun! We made cotton candy, bagged it.. made snow cones as well! And popcorn.. and then served tickets and stuff too.. Crazy fun! Definitely something different compared to standing in the games or rides.

Apparently Patti doesn’t need to keep searching anymore, she’s found her concession buddy. LOL. I’m guessing I’ll end up being in concession a bit now? We were on a roll today it was epic. We were even cleaned and ready to go like an hour at least before we actually finished. We’re good!

OHH.. So, on my break right! I was minding my own business, eating my lunch while sitting on the steps at this thing.. I dunno, hard to explain but I was just sitting there eating, and there was HEAPS of space everywhere okay, like.. yeah. And this random chick comes and sits next to me.. When she could have sat ANYWHEREE else.. And she had a mug/cup in her hands and was talking to it saying “Come on.. Come out little buddy!” I was like … >_> What is it..? And she reached in there.. and pulled a snake out! Like WTH. A snake! Seriously! It was a baby. She was playing with it, and talking to it.. and she kept saying how it doesn’t bite.. then she asked me if I wanted to hold it. I was like “Uhh.. not really… >_>” Then she pretty much was like “Okay, time to go home now!” And got up and left. I was SOO confused. I basically got straight up and went back to Jen & Patti LOL. Screw my break, I was confused and concerned LOL. Patti was like “Welcome to Surrey!” Apparently I should wait to see the people with their ferrets and rats…. Oh boy.

Yeaah.. Not much else happened really. Carnival was just very full on working in concession but it was fun nevertheless! Looking forward to it again next week, of course! Two dates next week (YAY!) And hopefully my 2nd interview with Blockbuster somewhere in there! Ahhh fun fun!

So I’m watching  the movie  Coyote Ugly at the moment, and the Aussie guy in it.. His accent is just weird! I think I’m going to be tripping out when I come back to Australia and hear everyone talk. It’s really weird. I don’t even notice the Canadian accent anymore unless someone says certain words really strong or differently to others. I’m hoping this means I’ll pick up and accent quick! 😀

Okay, I’m buggered.. Gonna head to bed now. Night!

    • neesolay
    • July 4th, 2010

    LOL freaky lady with the snake. wth

    • Osama McCrotchface
    • July 5th, 2010


    • neesolay
    • July 10th, 2010

    @aaronaqua 🙂

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