Day 75

Sooo.. Today we basically slept all morning. Well I was up at 10. Heidi didn’t get up til 12. But I stayed in my room until like 1 haha.

Then we watched ‘Loser’, with Jason Biggs and that Mena chick.. We decided that Jason Biggs looks like Anne Hathaway if he were to be a girl ahaha. Then we got ready, and went out with the upstairs crew to their niece’s house for a family/combined birthday party thing. So that was interesting. We had dinner there, and some dessert, and just chatted to some of them and what not.

Then afterwards, we went to Dairy Queen to get some ice cream to take to Cam’s house, cause it’s also his birthday today! And his family are away at the moment, so he was alone on his birthday. So we dropped by with the ice cream. We watched that “I Get That A Lot” show, which only showed like one episode at home. I’d forgotten about it haha but yeah it was funny. So that was cool.

Then we came home.. Then Alexis asked if we wanted to hang out a bit longer and what not, so she ended up coming down to ours. Then her friend came round too. So we met him. Then we all just chatted, listened to some music, and yeah. That’s our social life for the week lol. At least until we go out on Wednesday for unicycling. Oh, we lead such exciting lives!

And yep! That’s it really. Watching ’40 Days & 40 Nights’ right now. So I might go lay on the couch and watch that! Anywhooo! Laters!

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