Day 76


So like.. Today, I basically woke up just before 10. Chilled there on my laptop until about 11.. Then I rang the dentist around 11.15 & asked about prices and what not.. they told me to just come in and they’ll have a look at it and see what they need to do and how much it’ll cost.. They basically said “come in around 12.30 cause we’ve got a spot open then.” and it was like a 50 minute trip to get there apparently, but that’s also cause I had to wait 20 minutes at the station for the connecting bus. So I texted the bus right, it said it came at 11.38. It was 11.18 I’m pretty sure when I realized and then went into a major rush to get ready! I made cereal, and scoffed it down while getting ready.. it was epic. Then I power walked to the bus, and thankfully made it! Then the damn thing was 5 minutes late anyways.. sigh.

Soo then I got to the station, had to wait 20 minutes for the connecting bus.. then got on that and yeah. Headed to Coquitlam! Passed a shopping center thing, Burquitlam or something? I dunno. But they had a Value Village, AND a Dairy Queen! Totally didn’t realize there was another one so close!

Anywhooo. Jumped off at the stop, went into the dentist.. and etc. Whatever you do in the dentist. He glued the wire back on.. Then I chatted to them a bit. It costed me $46 to get it glued back on D: sucky. I hope that’s it and my teeth are sorted now until I return home! >_<

Thenn I got back on the bus.. Back to the station.. Waited another 20 minutes before my other bus came again.. Got on, headed home.. Got off at my stop, then rang Heidi and we decided we needed to go shopping.. So I just sat around and waited for her to get the bus and come back by and then I got on again. Haha. So many busses. So then I ended up BACK AT THE STATION >_< But yeah.. We went shopping, then went back to the station.. AGAIN.. then bussed home and the rest is history!

No, not really.. We came home and had food and what not. I’m watching Family Guy right now, Heidi is in her room talking to Dom or watching a movie together or something. I dunno. But I’m super tired… And yep, that’s it for me! Night

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