Day 77

What a really boring day..

I don’t even remember what time I woke up, it was that boring. I tried to do some more Uni reading and what not.. but I really can’t go any further without the disc to view clips and stuff that it refers to… And the other subject is just kinda boring right now… Sigh.

Then I think I spent the majority of the day doing film studio stalking and finding addresses and stuff. The company/studio that does ‘Supernatural’ is located on the same street as the one that’s currently doing ‘Red Riding Hood’ Now I just wish I knew someone who worked there who would give me a job…. D:

I also watched Lindsay Lohan’s trial today. I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now, but she got sentenced to a total of 90 days in jail, and then 90 days of rehab. But she gets two weeks to surrender herself. So then she’ll be off to prison on July 20th, at 8.30 am! Pretty interesting to watch it really.. As soon as they told her her jail time, she practically burst into tears. As you would..

Oh, it’s also Lexi’s birthday.. so happy birthday Alexis, if you ever happen to find/read this ahaha.

Basically, other than that.. today was really boring. Like, I actually ended up staring at the wall for awhile.. I think I need some serious help…… >_>

So yup, laters!

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