Day 78

Another pretty boring day! Haha, I suck..

Anywhooo.. out of boredom today I decided to start a food diary thing and work out how much of everything I’m eating and what not.. This was my results by the end of the day..

So apparently I’ve got too much protein. And just a bit too much fat! Haha! But still a bit of calories off the limit, same with carbs.. I’ve got the app on my iPod too and it says I’ve got 436% of the daily recommended 100%.. TOO MUCH Vitamin A. I’ve also got 395mg too much of cholesterol. One too many grams of dietary fiber.. 44g too much sugar.. 11g too much protein.. 65% too much vitamin c and 16% too much calcium! However, I’m 42% off my 100% for iron.. and I’m way off my potassium & sodium..? The screen shot has also changed a bit now.. cause I added unicycling to the exercises on the app.

Oh, Alexis came down this afternoon too. She came and chilled and what not, we watched some TV.. chatted.. then she went back upstairs and came back with some banana bread & “Aussie bites” .. some mini muffin thing that Barbara makes. Never heard or seen of them before.. but they were alright haha. Aaaand then Heidi and I left at like 6 to go unicycling as usual! Lexi didn’t wanna come this week, haha, and I don’t blame her.. it was her 19th yesterday! She was out last night lol. And it was also super hot today.. and the sun is just epic fierce here. I don’t get it. It’s cool though, you can stand in the shade and the temperature drops heaps.. but on the Gold Coast if you stand in the shade, YOU’RE STILL LIKE BURNING.

So, we didn’t stay out late unicycling obviously. I fell off again, it hurt. We also befriended a guy there, turns out he’s from Montreal. His name was like .. Natalin? Like.. Natalie.. Except with “IN” or “EN” on the end.. His english wasn’t too bad.. He struggled with Heidi’s name, because it’s different or something haha. He also said his name is hard to say in english too.. but he could say my name spot on! Haha Jess must be common in French??

Anyways! Came home, cooked myself some dinner, showered, and now I’m sitting here watching Letterman.. but I think it’s a repeat, so I’m bored.. Might find something else to watch. And yep, I’ll talk to you laters! BYE!

    • g-ma
    • July 8th, 2010

    Alright, salt for your sodium, bananas for potassium and fish? eggs and cheese for iron, mind you red meat has the highest value for iron, won’t get much from vegs; meat (highest for iron), fish, eggs and cheese in descending order for iron. You need youriron for energy. Bit puzzled re your remark about having too much protein, are you sure?

    • well i’m not eating fish or meat! haha. and yep apparently too much protein. i put salt on my egg that i had for dinner, but i didn’t add that to the list.. and we’ve only got two bananas left in the fridge haha. i’m surprised my vitamin a is like WAYYY over….

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