Day 80

Another very long day! I’m so tired.. this is going to be effort to write..

Anyways, I had a dream last night where I was sick at the carnival and had to go home.. and I had to go to the office? To sign out? Like at school. Ahaha.. then mum picked me up? But I went home and laid down for 10 minutes, then came back to the carnival? It was weird.. but I woke up thinking I was sick. And I was like oh no! I’m sick! Can’t work the carnival! But I was fine lol

Then I got ready, and headed off! I left on the 12.39 bus to Lougheed.. Then caught the skytrain to Columbia, where I switched train lines to get to Surrey Central.. then I caught a bus to some shopping mall.. Where I walked around for awhile. Pretty big actually. And they had Taco Bell there! Heidi was totally jealous. But I didn’t eat any LOL.

Anywhoo.. I sat near one of the entrances where we were to be picked up and waited for Patti or Alicia & Kristina, whoever arrived first! While waiting.. an elderly woman (85.. she told me) and her husband walked in, and sat down next to me to recover from the heat outside LOL. And then she was talking to me about how hot it was, and then went on about her having been in hospital last week.. and then I don’t even know where else the conversation went. But then they decided to finally go and shop or what not, and she kept touching and patting my shoulders and stuff telling me to take care and hoped to see me again soon lol. Didn’t have the heart to tell her I never come to that shopping center haha.

Then I was still waiting, and a woman came along and sat her two kids on the seat next to me, and then I stood up and told her to have the seat and said I was getting picked up in a minute anyways. Then she was chatting to me for a bit as well! Then Patti came along and she was like, drenched in sweat haha. It was pretty hot outside at that time.. Then we saw Alicia & Kristina go by so we went out and jumped in the car and off we went to the carnivallll!

It was like an hour drive out there, plus we got lost on the way.. that was funny. Ahaha. Anywhooo. Got there, worked on the ferris wheel! That’s tough.. Lenny wasn’t there to do it! So I was stuck with it! Damn you Lenny.. So todays carnival was a rental, and it was on someones front lawn! And I thought the carnival was for a kids birthday.. But apparently it was all cause the kid graduated kindy?!?! I’m thinking it must have been crossed with a birthday though! But who knows! There was even a mini golf thing set up in the back yard! So crazy.. I heard one kid tell the party kid “you can do anything you want, cause your dad’s a celebrity.. and celebrity kids can do anything they want” so I had to find out what kind of celebrity he was, so I asked Patti! Apparently he just owns some servo company? I dunno. But yep! Interesting!

Then we finished up at about 8, and us four were done by 8.30 so we headed off! They made a stop through Maccas drive thru on the way, I didn’t get anything though.. Only 5 hours work, I totally needed that $50 for rent, not Maccas! Then we dropped Patti off at her place, then I got dropped at the skytrain. I got on the train just after 9.30 right, Made it back to Lougheed by 10.08, and the bus was leaving as I was getting off the train! I wasn’t happy! So I had to wait half an hour for the next one 😦 Sucked! So I didn’t get home til 11. Terrible 😦 I was so hungry too that I had some cereal for dinner, and an egg.. and now I’m having a banana. Mmmm.. I also laid at the top of our patio stairs while I had my dinner. Cause our house was really hot. Heidi had all the doors and windows shut and apparently it’s still 79 degrees Fahrenheit.. Our temp thing isn’t changed to Celsius so I can’t tell you what it is.. but it’s pretty hot in here. It’s way cooler outside. But all the bus and stuff came after me, so I came back inside..

And now I’m bored, and should probably sleep… So, I think I will! Night!

    • g-ma
    • July 10th, 2010

    Night Jess

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