Day 81

So not in the mood for writing my blog tonight.. But I must! At the same time, I’m trying to sort out my uni assignment where I have to write a paragraph about writing.. I don’t know what to write. It sucks. And now I have to think about what to write in my blog! It’s terrible! Ugh.

Anyways.. Today, I don’t think I got up until 11am. It was good. I was really tired after carnival yesterday. And I’m going to be super tired again tomorrow, an even longer carnival day.. And I’ll get home later too. So anyways, basically sat around all day, cause Heidi had to call work at 2.30 to find out if they wanted her in or not.. so we sat around LOL. Then she rang, they said no.. so then we decided to go out. We ended up just going up to a different plaza thing we haven’t been to yet, cause there was a Value Village there. That was fun. Heidi must have picked up half the things in the store (minus all the clothes) saying “wowww!” and she ended up buying some roller skates.. LOL. like, the ones with four wheels.. like two at front, two at back.. you know? LOL. I took some pictures of stuff there today, but I really can’t be bothered uploading them.. maybe tomorrow. No, probably more like Monday.. Yeah, I suck.

After Value Village, we went to walk to Safeway, and ended up passing a fish & chip store that smelt really good, so naturally, we went in. LOL. Didn’t know if we wanted to eat in or take out, we really just wanted to look at the menu.. Then after being seated, we realized that the take out menu was HEAPS cheaper than the eat in.. so we decided we’d ask for take away. But I think they charged for the eat in one anyways, cause we were horrible LOL. So then we just went and sat at the park and ate. No biggie. Then we went and walked around a pet store really quick.. it was really hot in there, and they only had two cats.. not kittens.. cats.. yeah. Poor cats. Then we went to Safeway & we saw that 10 things of corn were on sale for $4. Like, the corn still had the grass stuff on them. We got them.. yeah, all 10. LOL. That was fun to carry home. And I got some milk & yogurt too.

Thennn we went and got the bus, then yeah. Came home.. And that’s pretty much it! Everything after that is just the usual boring stuff. And I should really be in bed now, carnie day tomorrow! Good fun. I’m sure it’ll be super hot again. Figures. Okay. I’m off… Night!

    • g-ma
    • July 11th, 2010

    Hi Jess,

    tell Heidi that there is something that so appeals to me re roller skates

    two on the front, two on the back

    could it be the balance?

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