Day 82

Okaayy.. so it was another carnival day! Yay!

Basically I got up at about 9.. tried to sleep in.. but remembered I had to leave at about 10. So I got up, got ready, and off I went! I met Jaclyn at the skytrain station at about 11, well no it was about 11.20.. she slept in lol. Then we headed to the carnival! It ended up taking us an hour.. cause we took like every wrong turn possible. LOL. It was entertaining though.

We ended up going down the road we were spose to, but we went left on to it.. not right.. so we ended up out in like farmland and Jaclyn was like “Can you call Jen for me and ask here if we’re going the right way.. cause I don’t know what a Zellers would be doing this far down in farm land..” LOL. Surely enough, we’d gone the total wrong way. Haha!

So then we showed up, 20 minutes late.. And it turns out the festivities decided to start at 12, not 1.. so it made us feel epic late! But it was all good. I was on the roll down today. So I got to juggle the balls heaps! Yay! But I got tired really quick doing that, especially in the heat. But it was a fun day. Carnival is always fun. I like it!

Our game tents are basically connected right, we don’t put up the dividing wall generally.. so today Marcus was next to mine, and the roll down is his game apparently. But he had the alien one today. So he kept coming over and giving kids more turns with the balls and telling them to roll it differently and stuff lol. Which generally led to them winning.. So apparently I had to be nice and do the same thing some times.. so I did.. but then I think I was being a bit too nice with some LOL. Generally the ones who just kept paying and paying.. wanting that snake! Haha!

I dunno what else to write.. lol. I’m too tired.. So I might go to bed now perhaps! Night!

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