Day 83

Today I did shit all again really!

I did a big washing load.. like, three wash loads all up.. First my clothes, then my sheets, then my doona (cause the cover doesn’t come off it). Other than that.. I really didn’t do much. It was very boring. I was waiting for mum to come online and help me with uni stuff, but that didn’t really happen.. Mother, please help me tomorrow?!

Anywhoo.. So tomorrow I plan to go to a drivers license place and find out about getting my license here.. but then I have to buy a car, so really.. it’s just moreee money.. Ugh. Ah well.

Oh.. So I got a call today from the data entry place that I had an interview with several weeks back.. Asking me if I was still needing a job and that they’d just gotten a new project in and I would be starting tomorrow. The hours available are 7am-3pm or 3pm-11pm. Mon-Fri. Until the end of July. I was all for it.. except I’m busy two days this week, and she said she’d rather not start me tomorrow then have me miss two days then do Friday, then miss another two over the weekend.. you know? So she says she’s going to give me a call on Friday and let me know if I can/need to start on Monday or not! So that would be some good money! I’d like that! Let’s hope I get that!

I also have a job interview with the PNE on Wednesday.. The PNE is basically like the Ekka I’m guessing, and it goes for two weeks.. and it’s like joined with Playland.. but Playland is open all summer I’m pretty sure. PNE is just two weeks. So let’s hope that interview goes well too.. If I get that, it will be August 21st til September 6th.

Wish me luck guys.. for everything! Haha!

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