Day 84

So I got up today closer to 11:30ish, had a nice big yummy bowl of cereal! Then I figured I had better head out to go to the Drivers licensing place. Stood in line for ages, finally got served but they were tryna rush through everyone.. so they weren’t very helpful. But basically I can get my N’s and have to keep that for the next 6 months until the same time as my Aus licence will hit the two year mark. It’ll cost me $75 and they’ll be taking my Australian licence away from me.. so I’m not too sure if I want to give that up..

I also can’t have any more than one person in my car.. ever. Unless immediate family.. but there’s none of that here.. So that sucks.. Ohh I went to the pet store there again, they had two hedgehogs! I was excited cause one of them was awake and was eating it’s food.. Yay! Now I’ve officially seen one in person! Made me want one even more..

Anywhoo.. came home and met Heidi on the way home and we were just chillin, then Lexi came down to chill with us. So we were being social. Then she went and got her frozen pizza to cook for herself for dinner.. cause they’re currently renovating their kitchen and there’s no oven. So she made pizza, and Heidi and I had veggies.. Then I had some mac & cheese to go with it cause I was too lazy to cook eggs tonight.

And yep, that’s it really. I’m going to head off to bed though so I can leave early enough for my interview tomorrow.. and I have to plan some questions/answers for the interview! Also gotta decide which jobs are my top 3 for job preferences.. But yeah I’ll work that all out tomorrow. But for now, I’m ready for bed!


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