Day 85

Today I over slept, turns out I set my alarm for 9.30PM not AM. And Heidi forgot to text me when she left to wake me! But it’s okay, luckily I woke up. Then I got ready pretty quick and did some PNE research before my interview!

So I was walking to the bus, noticed I had a missed call.. Called it back, turns out it was Blockbuster! FINALLYYYY. He wanted to get some numbers of people in Canada to call as my references because he can’t really go and call Australia.. So now he’s got those, I should get a 2nd interview soon! šŸ™‚ Apparently Heather liked me at my first interview. Yay! I was starting to think I did terrible..

So yeah, that’s cool! Then I caught the bus, then train, then another bus to the PNE.. Had to walk a few blocks to the entrance, but there was heaps of people walking there too.. all going for an interview. We were super early too. So everyone just stood around outside waiting. Then we got let in.. did group activities and what not. I was at table 25. There was 8 people at each table. I think there was 30 tables at least. So many people. But yep, it seems like a heap of fun to work there and I hope I get to.. as well as working at Blockbuster! Yayyy!

So we had Tim Hortons for dinner, finally we’ve been to Tim Hortons.. Not that we drink coffee, so we just got a roll thing. I got an egg salad one, Heidi got a BLT. I didn’t like it that much, I’d rather Quiznos or Subway any day.. Oh and I got my $1 larrgeeeee soft drink at Maccas. We hung out at Maccas for awhile too. Some strange people in there. Haha.

Hmm what else.. OH! Unicycling Wednesdays! Tonight was good, Heidi rode without using the rail! Finally! It was good. Haha. And I felt like I did much better this week too. I got a lot more help and tips this week, so that was good. I think there was less random drop in riders, and more just the usual bunch. So it was pretty cool. Then around 9 we all kinda stopped riding and just talked. It was only really two of the main guys, Adam & Nick, (I hope that’s their names.. LOL), and another guy who has been there a few times.. then me and Heidi. So we were all just chatting away.. then they started talking really, really nerdy smart.. like quantum physics and everything. We were so lost.. Haha! Oh, and Adam said we’re officially regulars now. And also said that if we wanted we could take some unicycles home for the week, providing we’re definitely coming next week. Cause they just sit around all week, and only get used on the Wednesday nights. So that’s something to think about, I might next week or the week after, we’ll see how all this work thrown at me goes.

And yeah, I’m tired as now. I have to be ready by 8.30 tomorrow so I should really go to bed. Night!

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