Day 86

I’m sunburnt again 😦 I suck at this. The days I remember sunscreen, it’s really not needed.. and the days I don’t.. well.. damn.

So yeah, another carnival day! I didn’t end up getting to sleep until 3.30. I honestly tried so hard to sleep but I think I was too busy thinking about all my current opportunities that have been thrown at me in the past two days regarding work and stuff, so I laid there for so long so bored trying to sleep. Terrible. Then I had to get up at 7.30. So I was ready by 8.30, then Marcus rang & said he was here to pick me up. So then we went to the carnival.. I didn’t start til 11.30, but I couldn’t get there any other way and Marcus started at 10 so I went along early. I ended up helping Marcus start setting up one of the rides cause Eddie was late.. then he came and I was saved. Lol right on time too, for all the heavy lifting.

So I was sitting near a tree, in the shade, and ended up chatting to an older woman about the carnival, and the event, and then Australia. That was .. interesting. Haha. Then I did whatever I was told/asked to do, even though I wasn’t working. I was just bored haha. Then we finally started, I was on the slide! And being the only girl working the carnival today, I could do whatever I wanted basically πŸ˜› So naturally, I decided I’d sit on top of the slide.. Easiest job, plus it’s cool and shaded up there, and I get to sit! And ride the slide….

So I was on the slide, Lenny was taking the tickets at the bottom of the slide. Had some interesting kids come through, like ones that kept coming on and on and on haha. And some would come up and talk to me each time, but I had to keep them going one after the other cause there was big lines. And then one little boy who’d been on heaps of times, randomly kissed my arm then went down the slide.. and I was like LOL what?! and I look down at him and he’s blowing kisses up to me! LOLOL. So I texted Lenny and told him and he’s like “haha! this one?!” *points at the kid* Then the kid came up again, and again, and again, still kissing my arms.. then I saw Lenny talking to him and he told the kid to kiss me on the cheek or something! So the kid came up, kissed me on the cheek for like.. a long time LOL. I was like being pushed into the corner of the top of the slide LOL. He was like 6 years old?! Of course, Lenny found it totally funny..

Oh! Todays carnival was also a rental I’m pretty sure, cause we didn’t sell tickets, but the people running the event sold tickets that got them on to the rides as well.. and the tickets were the exact same for getting food and stuff.. So naturally, we all took handfulls of tickets to get lunch with πŸ™‚ It was great! So much free food it’s not funny. Eddie loved it. LOL. At the end.. it was great. I’d helped Marcus & Doug pack up the swings, and there was only the jumping castle to go really, Eddie was finishing the tubs himself. And Ron handed me some more tickets and said he wanted two hot dogs, two bottles of water, and as many donuts as there was left. And I still had a heap of tickets myself, so I went over anyways. Only had hot dogs left, no water or donuts.. So then all the boys decided they want some pop, so I went back and they didn’t have any normal coke. So I went back to the guys again, asking what else they wanted.. and they all seemed to want anything. Basically just something cold! So I went back, grabbed some tickets from my pocket and told the man I wanted a few of everything that was left. LOL. So he grabbed a box, and started filling it with drinks. I think I got about 12 cans.

So I carried the box over to the guys and you shoulda seen their faces haha. It was in an iceypole box so perhaps they though I had iceypoles.. But yeah, they all went and took a couple lol we had like a feast. No joke. Then we all ended up over there after we were all done. I’d given Eddie my handful of tickets, and he ended up getting a heap of stuff. And Lenny also got heaps of pop & heaps of bags of chips. LOL. It was crazy cause we didn’t pay a thing for the tickets! LOL. But by that point they were basically giving the hotdogs and stuff for free.. Probably not the pop or chips though. There was heaps of left over bread rolls and stuff from the hotdogs and I joked around like “I’ll have a bag of bread” But I wasn’t going to actually ask that.. But Marcus was.. LOL

OH! There was this little old Asian woman who was walking around collecting cans, as they all do here for money.. And earlier she’d tried to take Marcus’s coke, and he’s like “no, I’m still drinking that..” And then when we were all over at the food tent, someone working there accidentally dropped a box of pop & chips, and the little old Asian woman was like a hawk! She swooped in out of no where, said something in Asian.. gave a creepy smile and picked up a few of the cans of pop.. And they were full cans too, hadn’t been opened yet.. And she bags them and tried to get away quickly! And the woman from the food tent was like “HEY! THAT’S MINE. GIVE IT BACK.” etc etc.. It was so funny to watch. LOL. She was like a vulture that old woman.. Then Marcus took the stuff on the floor as his opportunity to help and get brownie points, and when it was all picked up the chick said thanks to him & said “want some pop?” & Marcus goes “No, but I’ll have a bag of hot dog buns…” LOLOL!. She looked kinda confused but she went and got it anyways. LOL. So, now I have heaps of hot dog buns, I’m happy! I froze like 10 of them. Seriously, I’m set for the next few months now. LOL probably not, cause I have it so I’ll end up eating them. But it was funny. I also have several packets of chips.. I would have got some coke but they were all out.

But nevertheless, it was a fun carnival. I like the whole food situation thing. Just made it epic. LOL. I wish more carnivals were like that! They’d be so good. LOL! And yep, that’s me done.. Night!

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