Day 88

Ello poppits! (I really need some new ‘start of blog post’ phrases.. the others are boring now and this one is lame)

So I had the carnival again today! Last one until August 8th though 😦 Sucks majorly. But yeah, woke up, got on the bus.. then the train.. then I got off at the station.. and didn’t know where to go LOL. So basically I just started walking and hoped for the best. Luckily, I found it!

Then we started the carnival.. and yep. There was only 3 rides so it was a pretty chilled day. It was a Fijian festival, and the majority of kids that came by, were too small for the slide.. so didn’t get too much excitement on the slide. So naturally, Jaclyn and I had to entertain ourselves. We were tryna run UP the slide. LOL. Yeah, it was hard. Then we played I Spy as well.. She got to lay down up top of the slide, then I eventually found some shade in the stair/climb up side thing on the slide.. So I laid there for awhile. It was good. LOL. Got paid to chill. I love my job.

Yeah, I tried making shadow puppets too.. LOL.

Oh.. so I’m really burnt again today. Like, REALLY. Worse than the other day.. It’s bad. I suck. And I even put sunscreen on! Go figure.. No one else got burned.. Maybe they’re all just used to the Canadian sun! (Yeah, cause we have different suns!) Haha.

Anywhoo.. Carnival ended.. Stuck around to talk to Patti while she waited for Marcus. Then they offered to give me a lift to the skytrain station, so naturally.. I accepted haha. Then yeah. Came home. Ate. Now I’m on here blogging.. and ready for bed! This burn hurts. Even my arms are crazy burnt. I’m so confused. But just sitting here I can feel my arms burning like mad. I suck. 😦

Okay.. That’s it! Gonna sleep in nice tomorrow.. Night!

    • neesolay
    • July 18th, 2010

    lol your shadow puppet looks evil.

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