Day 89


So today was really average.. Slept in, kinda.. I think I smelt a skunk this morning, but I’m not sure. I was half asleep really. Not that I’d know what they smell like anyways, but it really wasn’t THAT bad, it was more just like a stench you really wouldn’t like to smell like for a week or whatever. But yeah, then I went back to sleep for a bit longer.. Then eventually got up, then Heidi got up, and we went to Lougheed where we went and got a heap of things at Walmart. Then went to Safeway and got some more groceries.. Oh and the fruit & veg store too..

Then we went to the station to wait for the bus to come home.. got on the bus.. Then when we were on the bus it was stopping to pick someone up somewhere yeah, and I don’t know what happened but the bag Heidi was carrying with food in it fell off the seat and the rockmelons (cantaloupe!) hit the floor and went rolling down the bus! We were sitting right at the back.. so naturally, off they went. LOL. There was a younger woman with a pram up the front, she had her two kids with her.. she turned around and was like “Oh no!” Haha. It was pretty funny. I like dived for them down the bus. Had to get under a seat to find one of them. Ahaha. Pretty entertaining really.

Then when we got off the bus, the woman with the pram & her 2 kids got off at the same stop. And we were all heading the same way to go up the curvy thing to go over the bridge to cross the road.. and she dropped her phone, and let go of the pram to try and catch it before it hit the floor.. and then the pram started rolling and was about to tip over cause of the hill/bump thing it was trying to go over.. so I quickly grabbed the pram for her with the kid in it. And then she was like “ahh! my phone hates me” etc etc.. then she’s like “..sorry about your melons.” Haha. Funny. But yeah. Oh, the kid in the pram wasn’t a baby.. he must have been like 1 and a bit maybe? I have no clue. But he reminded Heidi of Dom. I thought so too actually, with his haircut. LOL. And the little girl reminded me of Tessa! With her hair the way it went too.. Interesting!

And yep.. that was basically the excitement for the day.

That’s all for me! Night!

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