Day 90

So, today was pretty boring. I woke up kinda early actually.. and spent hours reading uni stuff.. Just to decide that I was gonna just drop the subject. LOL. Kinda a waste of my morning, but, I found it interesting I guess.

But other than that, I didn’t really do much.. Pretty boring day. Although, we cooked ‘Bubble & Squeak’ for dinner! You should be proud mum! But they weren’t as good as the ones we had from home.. but then again, these are fresh and home made and not from a box!

Didn’t have any peas to put in it though.. So it was just carrot & corn in mine! But that’s fine by me. It turned out alright I guess. Just would have been good to be cooked on the edges too, but couldn’t work out how? Haha, so it was just top and bottom crispy… and it kept falling apart.. but nevertheless, accomplished!

And yep. That’s it really. Gonna have a busy day on Wednesday! I’m looking forward to that very much! Badge making.. unicycling.. fireworks! Gonna be a long night! So yep! Night!

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