Day 91


So I didn’t really do anything for the majority of the day.. I had some fruit for breakfast cause I’m all out of cereal! D: Then I made some eggs for lunch.. watched some TV. Applied for a couple more jobs..

Then Heidi came home, and I suggested we go bowling! Because I signed us up for free bowling like ages ago. So every week I get coupons mailed to me for 3 free bowling games for each of us. Cause it’s some promotional thing, kids bowl free every day all summer long. And we’re still kids cause we’re 18! So that’s pretty cool. So, we decided we’d go!

It didn’t take too long to get there really, so that was good. Then we had to walk a bit from the station to the bowling place.. we had fun trying to cross the road. LOL. Hard to explain. But yeah haha. Then we got to the bowling place, went in.. gave him the coupons, we had to pay for the shoe hire though, but that was only $2.26. So really, we paid that much to go bowling! Pretty sweet. Oh.. plus the $1.75 each way for bus/train fares..

So then we bowled. My fingers were really sore. I think they just need a work out! Too much typing. They’ll be right though lol. The machine thing that picked up the pins was a little lame.. cause I was on a roll! I got 2 strikes, then I did get a third, just. Like it fell down just as the machine was coming down to pick it up. So it didn’t have anything to pick up.. But it still decided there was one there. So there was nothing there! So it messed up my game! I was pretty annoyed!!! I had to reset my pins in each game! Every time I had to reset them it threw my game off. I was pretty pissed off. But, we’ll see how it goes next time! Haha!

So then when we were finished, we decided we’d go to the Maccas across from it and get a drink. I’m really enjoying their $1 any size soft drinks! It’s great! So we walked in there.. and I saw this chick and I thought “Oh, I totally know her…” Then I realized I actually DO know her. It’s Marcus’s sister, Naomi. She’s worked at the carnival a few times! So I was like woah! Cause if you haven’t already realized.. It totally makes my day when I happen to randomly see people I know! And this was very random! I had no idea hey. But it was good! She recognized me too, which surprised me. And she said hey then went back to serving on drive thru.. then when there was a lack of customers, I was talking to her. Pretty crazy. Totally didn’t expect to see anyone I knew out there haha. See this is good, knowing Canadians in random places!

So yep. We chilled there for an hour at least.. saw interesting people come in and through.. As we always seem to notice when we sit in Maccas for too long! There was a small child in a high chair eating at the table with her family.. and I have no idea how, but her high chair ended up rolled across to the other side of the room. Like wth? Haha it was funny though. Then the mother pushed the kid in the high chair like heaps far. I’m pretty sure there has to be some kind of safety issue there..?

And then the kid ended up behind me, in it’s stroller.. I was so confused cause I leaned back in my chair and felt something. And the kid had it’s hand on my chair and was like poking my back. I was confused! I felt violated. It just kept staring at me.. I didn’t like it! LOL.

So yep.. then we headed home finally.. Came home.. and that’s basically it. No more excitement really. But tomorrow will be a nice long day! And we plan to go bowling again on Friday! So yep. This week shall be eventful hopefully! So.. I’m done.. Night!

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