Day 92

What a long day.. I’m so tired! Heidi’s probably epic tired though, she had to work today too! haha.

So.. I didn’t do much to start with.. Met Heidi on the bus to the station at like 2.30. Then we went on the skytrain to downtown to Vancouver Public Library.. On the train.. Two girls were talking about this new show here called “Pretty Little Liars” It’s a pretty good show actually, and last night something happened it’s like a “OMG what happened to such n such!?” (Don’t wanna spoil the show!) Anyways, THEY WERE SPOILING THE SHOW!!! They were talking about what happens to the “such and such” !! Cause they’ve read the books. I WASN’T HAPPY AT ALL!!!! I felt really angry. Like, I could have punched them right out cold because I really didn’t want to know. So I grabbed Heidi’s iPod as fast as I could and got it on so I wouldn’t hear anymore.. They talked about it the whole way I’m pretty sure!! Then we got off at commercial to switch trains, AND THEY WERE THERE AGAIN, NEXT TO US. Thankfully that time they’d stopped talking about it.. But really, who does that? That’s so rude.. Ugh!

Anyways.. We got to out front of the library, where I was walking and texting and happened to walk into a pole. Yeah, no joke. LOL. Heidi didn’t even notice though, but this older Asian man noticed and laughed and told me I shouldn’t do that and something else, I couldn’t really understand him lol but I hoped no one noticed my walking into a pole. Thankfully Heidi didn’t notice LOL.

Then yeah, we went into the library.. where they were having a badge making session thing. Like we just went in cut up some old magazines and then made badges! Took me ages to find something small to put on my small badge.. and then when we were making the bigger badges, I found a “To Write Love On Her Arms” thing but it wasn’t big enough so I cut it out and pasted it on the same colour background to make it big enough for the circle.. It took me ages to find an image right.. just so you know how happy Heidi and I were when I finally decided on something.. So anyways, I’m making my badge.. and when it’s done.. Turns out I’d done it upside down!! The chick explaining how to do it didn’t say anything though! She just said put it on the circle thing! She didn’t say which way! So I was pretty bumed! So now  my badge is just whatever crap was on the reverse side of the magazine cut out! So it looks like this….

Yeah. That sucks 😦 LOL. Funny though. So far, a sucky day! Haha! Anyways, after badge making we headed back to Science World to wait for unicycling.. and we went to the farmers markets and sat under a shady tree and ate our packed lunch/dinner lol. Then we walked through the markets randomly, tried some bread.. and some cheese.. then we went over to Maccas, as we always do! I had to get changed out of my shorts into long pants for unicycling.. and then we got another $1 any size soft drink thing. Well I did, Heidi got a free cup for water.. We didn’t realize there was a button for water at the self serve drink machine thing.. So Heidi was like “Omg that lady is retarded.. there’s no water!” So she got some sprite instead LOL. For freeee!

Then yeah, we finally headed over to unicycling.. we were early so we sat around for a bit.. then Adam came along with the unicycles and yeah off we went! We were doing good today! Took a bit to warm up but yeah, we were off the railings! So good. I fell though and got my foot caught infront of the pedal so the unicycle couldn’t escape me and I came down on it on a weird angle.. really hurt. Thankfully, I’m not a guy!

So yep, we were socializing, as we do. And there was a new passer-by who decided to give it a shot, and he was learning to juggle too with one of the other regulars.. whose name I can’t remember.. But yeah, so naturally I joined in with the juggling session! And we talked to the new passer-by and then we asked if he wanted to come along to the fireworks with us lol. So yeah, our new friend John! Luckily he knew where english bay was, so we just followed!

So yep then we were off for the fireworks! We made another pit stop at Maccas again & refilled our cups.. then one of the staff there cleaning noticed Heidi had a “water” cup filled with soft drink and told her off.. and then he showed us where the water button is. LOL. Pretty funny. But by that time it was too late, she’d already filled it up.. again. I like refills! I don’t know if we’re allowed to do that.. probably not.. but meh!

Thennn we had to skytrain to downtown again, and walk down Robson st I think it was.. felt like we walked for AGES. We made a stop along the way, Heidi & John wanted some sushi. Then we finally kept walking.. eventually made it there. There was soooo many people there. And so many police out directing people & traffic.. felt like there was more cops out than there was on Canada day! So strange! But yep, we found a spot on the street to watch the fireworks from and yeah! Good fun!

Then afterwards we followed the crowds back to the skytrain station.. had to walk for ages, again. It seriously went on forever! We were teaching John how to be “bogan” and giving him examples of what we’d call bogan. Haha. Pretty funny. Then someone walking near us noticed we were Australian.. and he said something but I didn’t really hear it. So I just said yeah and nodded? LOL. Then like 10 minutes later, still walking down the same street.. He starts talking again lol. And so I was randomly chatting to him about Australia and New Zealand being like Canada & the USA. It was random. LOL.

Then we got on the packed skytrain.. headed home. And yep! Home finally.. Heidi went straight to bed. I’m up blogging.. Gonna go shower now though. Then sleep. So yep, NIGHT!

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