Day 93

So I’m gonna keep this short cause I’m really tired.. So yep!

Anyways! Slept in late, cause I went to bed late last night! Watched some TV.. Yarda yarda. Oh, remember that TV ad on in Australia.. still probably going, I don’t know. It was like about cooking, and the lady was cooking “orange pasta” for her kids? Who don’t like to eat their veggies.. and the “orange pasta” was just grated carrot? On the frypan.. with some sauce and cheese.. Yeah.. I tried to make that for breakfast haha. It turned out interesting..

So yep, then Heidi came home and we sorted out our night about what time we’d go out to go see the movie in Stanley Park. Then she texted our new friend John from last night to let him know when to meet us there. Anyways, he ended up coming to our place first and he hung out there for awhile. Then we finally headed out to go downtown.

We stopped at commercial and went to Maccas cause it’s “customer appreciation day” where you buy one of the burgers of choice and get another for free. So I went up with Heidi and was like “I’m a vegetarian, so can’t you like.. give me some chips or something instead?” “” Pffft. Great customer appreciation! Stupid. Anyways. They each ate their two burgers.. then we headed back to the station to go to the movie!

Waiting at the station, train came.. doors opened.. and I went to walk in. Then I got tapped/pushed on the shoulder kinda and I was like thinking wth??? So I turned to see what had happened and I saw a guy dressed in like all black with sunnies on kinda just look at me and wave. And I was totally confused, my mind wasn’t processing. I was trying to work out who and why someone just hit me basically. While I was turning in confusion, Heidi goes “It’s Jon!” Then I realized, it’s Jon that I work with at the carnival! I didn’t notice him with sunnies on, and his hoodie up! But Heidi managed to?! And she’s only seen him from a facebook photo?! LOL. Pretty funny. But yeah, Jon was off to work, he was late so he couldn’t chat but he wanted to say hi.. so he bumped me. LOL! Funny guy.

And yeah! So we walked down Burrard to find the bus stop where we got on a bus to go to Stanley Park. Got off where we had to, and didn’t really know where to go. But there was some other people going there too and we all just joined up and followed each other and what not haha. Thankfully! Then we got to where the movie was on, lots of people there. It was a cool movie screen, it was inflatable! So we found our spot, and then the guy and his family who we’d followed/talked to to get there came along and set up their spot next to us lol. Then we saw some swings, and wanted to go on them.. so we did. And the man offered to watch our stuff. Or we kinda asked? I don’t know. Lol. Then yeah, we were on the swings.. but still watching our stuff LOL.

So we watched the movie.. Monsters vs Aliens. It got pretty cold there actually. Lucky we had the blanket to sit on! Then after the movie we just followed the crowd of people heading back, we figured they’d know where they’re going lol. It was really dark by then too. It was 11.20pm or so. So people had their torches out and what not. We realized it would take us ages to get to the skytrain station and the last bus from Lougheed was 1.08am! So we had to run basically! It’s a long friggen walk to a skytrain station. Not even kidding. We walked down Davie st for so long, then we had to turn on Burrard.. and walk several blocks down Burrard until we got to the station! It was sooo long. Just like the same walk as last night! Ugh. But yeah, we got to Lougheed and saw the 12.38am bus leaving! As always! Story of our life. Why can’t the skytrains be like that 1 minute earlier!? D: But yeah, so we just sat around and waited for the next and final bus. We played the ‘I went to the shop and bought’ game again.. John tried joining in too. Haha it was funny.

Oh yeah, and now John is staying here tonight cause it was too late for him to get back to his place out in Surrey. So he’s on a spare mattress in our ‘.5’ of a room. The one that you have to walk through to access the bathroom.. and it’s got the washing machine & dryer in it. So yeah, he’ll have fun with that if we need to pee during the night! Haha! Although, it’s 2.30am now.. So really.. he’ll be fine. And yep, I’m gonna go sleep now! I’m tired! Night!

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