Day 94

Today was pretty average for the most part. Kinda. I didn’t get to bed last night until around 2.30am. Then this morning I heard the dogs barking next door again, ugh. And then I could hear an alarm going off at about 8am I think? At 8.30 I could still hear it so I thought “Oh, maybe Heidi isn’t waking up??” so I sent her a text saying is that your alarm going off? And she said yeah but it was the first time.. but the noise I heard kept going. So it wasn’t even Heidi’s alarm I was hearing lol. Strange. Anyways. Maybe it was Johns.. He said it wasn’t his though. But yeah, I didn’t wanna get up.. So I stayed in bed until like 10.30. Wasn’t sleeping though, kept hearing that alarm. Once I’m awake.. I’m awake.. D:

Anywhooo. When I finally emerged from my room, Heidi was long gone for work and John was on the couch watching Supernatural on his laptop. Then we had some of his pumpkin pie that he bought last night on the way home for breakfast. I actually kinda liked the pie.. It tasted like cinnamon.

So then yeah, basically sat here all day as I do. Cause that’s what I spend my days doing! I don’t know if I was supposed to entertain John or what not.. He self invited himself to stay last night anyways, so I couldn’t be bothered being house host. I was too tired. So he just kept playing on his laptop/watching Supernatural, and I was tryna watch TV.. He wasn’t listening with headphones though. So it was drowning out the TV. Sucky. But eh. Then he ended up leaving like half an hour before Heidi got back from work anyways.

So Heidi came home, and we decided to go free bowling again! Our shoe rental was higher than last time today, so that was annoying. But eh, free bowling nonetheless! My fingers didn’t hurt as much today so that was good. I gave up in our third and final game though, we put the bumper bars up for fun.. so clearly that helped Heidi heaps LOL. She finally won!

After bowling, we went to Maccas.. We seem to have a problem with Maccas here. I don’t know why. I just like it cause the $1 any size unlimited soft drink basically! But when we sit in there we get hungry I guess. Today we planned to have dinner there though. So Heidi had some snack wrap things and I had a happy meal! Just so I could get the grilled cheese LOL. It was the same price really as it would have been for me to buy a $1 drink + a grilled cheese.. so why not get the happy meal? Gives me a toy & fries! LOL. Sad.

Then we chilled there for awhile.. Heidi also wanted a “raspberry pie” like the apple pie things they have.. but it was raspberry.. So she had that, and I had an apple pie one! We’re so cool. I think we need to find a new place to eat at though. Maybe we’ll go to Subway next time after bowling.. There isn’t any other options though at the bowling place. Besides Maccas & Subway.. hmm.

Oh, also.. Heidi wanted me to include our “I went to the shops and bought” list from last night in tonights blog.. so here it is. I went to the shops and bought an Abicus, a Beetroot, Camilla, a Disco ball, an Electrician, a Frogger game, a Ghostbusters game, a Hells angels motorcycle, an Indian feather, a Juggling ball, a Kingdom, a Leopard print rug, a Merkin, a Nong, an Olympic flame, a Paraplegic chair, a Queen size bed, a Red bull, a Sleeping bag, a Tortise shell, an Umbrella, a Virgin mobile, Wasabi, an X-files box set, a Yellow raincoat, a Zipper.

And yep! That’s it! Gonna go to bed now, got my interview with the PNE tomorrow nice and early! I gotta be on the 8am bus I think.. Something like that. I’ll be at the PNE half an hour early though, but it’s that or 10 mins early.. and I don’t wanna be late or get lost.. So yeah. Wish me luck!


    • g-ma
    • July 24th, 2010

    I hope it is a good day for you Jess and that you feel really bouncy

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