Day 95

So I just realized, Dom comes on day 99.. Hey Dom, come one day later then it’ll be day 100!!

Anywhooo! Pretty long day today.. quite tiring really.. I didn’t get to sleep early last night, no matter how hard I tried. So I was pretty bummed when my alarm went off this morning at 6.45am. But it had to be done! So I got ready and what not.. was out the door before 7.45. Got to the bus stop at 7.50. Bus was supposed to come at 7.59… but it never came. So clearly it was like 10 minutes or more early.. which is sooo annoying. Translink sucks! So I had to wait for the next one at 8.29! My interview was at 9.45! So I wasn’t happy! But thankfully, I made it.. just in time!

So I got to the place, followed other people there.. I was confused cause it was the 2nd interview and still so many people were going there.. I didn’t realize they were doing a bunch of interviews in the same room at the same time.. It was kinda awkward. We all walked in, got our names marked off.. and we were all told to sit in these seats, all lined up.. facing the same way. There was several rows. And in front of us, was several tables somewhat scattered, with 2 people at each table.. they were the interviewers.. It was so awkward. Then one by one we were called up and assigned to an interviewer basically. Creepy.

So yeah, did that.. hoping it went alright.. I guess I’ll know in the next 1-2 weeks.

Then I headed back to the skytrain to head home, and I was epic tired. I was like falling asleep on the train. It was weird. So when I got home, I went back to bed! Slept for an hour or so, got back up at 1pm. Had veggies for lunch! Cause I was kinda craving them strangely enough. Oh, and our TV has died.. We can still see the picture, but the sound has finally gone. It really sucks. It died last night while we were watching it! Like, mid-movie. Sad, sad day. So this afternoon, we hooked up Heidi’s laptop to the TV so we could watch it on the screen but listen through her laptop. Wasn’t sooo bad.. We watched ‘Wanted’ first off, then we watched ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’. Fun fun. Then we made dinner around that time, and then headed out to go downtown for the fireworks!

So we got downtown, did the epic walk down Robson st and what not to get to english bay. Then we were like an hour early before the fireworks, so we walked back the way we came and got Dairy Queen. I wasn’t happy cause it was wayy too chocolate-y. I wanted just like cookies & cream.. not cookies & cream & chocolate sauce stuff.. Dislike! I didn’t even finish it all, gave it to Heidi. She’d already scoffed all hers down really quick! LOL. We were also watching some guys tap dancing in the street, they were pretty good. Then I got really thirsty, so we walked back up to Maccas. Tryna be as quick as we could cause by then it was almost 10 and that’s when the fireworks started!

So then I got my drink at Maccas, then we were heading back towards the beach & at the crossing someone pinched my arm, and I turned around and it was Alexis! Haha. Totally didn’t expect to see her there, let alone randomly run in to her! But, randomly bumping in to people I know makes my day, so, it made my day! Haha! So we walked down the street talking to her and her two guy friends she was with.. Then yeah, I was planning to meet up with Kristina & Alicia from the carnival, and they’d texted me saying they’re saving us a spot, so we headed off to find them. Said by to Lexi & yeah.

Found Kristina & Alicia, sat with them and watched the fireworks.. Then after the fireworks, we decided to let the crowds slowly clear out before we bothered getting up and making a move. So in the mean time, some slightly drunk guy was talking to us whilst his friends were just all hanging next to us kinda. Kristina kept talking to him lol but Heidi and I were pretty quiet and just laughing here and there. So he was like “Oh, you guys aren’t very excited..” haha. Kristina told him we were from Australia, and he asked why we moved here.. then he goes “Oh wait, I know! There’s a warrant out for your arrest, so you fleed the country and came here… and now you work at a carnival with this chick! Wow!” LOL.

Funny. Haha. Then we began to make the epiccc walk back to Burrard station. Still sooo many people flooding the streets. It was crazy. Much busier than on Wednesday. Apparently it’s cause not as many people wanted to go out and see the USA fireworks.. because it’s the USA! I lol’d! But yeah, epic walk. FINALLY got to the station.. and there was a HUGEEE line. Not even kidding. I wish I had night mode on my phone camera. It was insane. We just looked at it and thought “shit.” Was no hope in hell that we’d get on the train in the next hour. And we clearly wouldn’t have made it back to Lougheed to get our bus on time! So we decided to walk up another street and go ask some bus drivers or something where we could get to.

We stopped and talked to one bus driver, who gave us a couple of suggestions of ways we could get home. Thankfully he told us to jump on the 16 bus to Metrotown and then just skytrain from there. So that was good. We had to walk a bit more though to get to the stop for the 16 but that was okay. There was an epic line there though too, and the bus pulled up and was already full.. but then another empty bus pulled up right behind it, also the 16! Yay for translink being somewhat smart! So I basically pushed and ran to get on that one and save us a seat! Thankfully! Got us a 4 seat thing. It was good. Then long bus ride to Metrotown.. where Kristina reaked havoc on all the poor innocent people in their cars driving alongside the bus. She pulled some crazy faces at them. LOL. I have a photo of one, but I doubt she’d like me to put it on the interwebz! LOL! Funny as.

Then we got to Metrotown, jumped on the skytrain.. and then Heidi and I got off at 22nd street, caught the bus from there instead of going all the way around to Lougheed. So we got home quicker that way, and we just made a bus as soon as we got off. It was good. Lucky lucky! And yeah, came home.. can’t watch TV. Sucks. So doing this and heading to bed sounds like a good idea! It’s 2.11am right now. Ugh. Definitely sleeping heaps tomorrow! I mean today? Okay. Yeah. NIGHT!

    • g-ma
    • July 26th, 2010

    Hi Jess, Hope you did do well in your interview and didn’t get spooked by the large number of ‘supposed’ applicants

    I still remember some of the areas you describe; didn’t go to the area you live in, but actually have a very old (i.e. as in time known,)friend that lives in that area; we went out to dinner a couple of times when I was visiting Vancouver. She took me to Metrotown…well it really is a small town, maybe what we would call a satellite city. The skytrain, yes recall quite well and the Central? railway station. Isn’t it skydome that is close by?

    Sleep well

    • Hey grandma,

      Central railway station?? I’m not too sure.. and I have no idea about a skydome either?

      But yeah, Metrotown isn’t too far.. takes awhile on the skytrain & bus though. But everything is pretty accessible quickly through public transport..

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