Day 96

Lazy day!

I slept in until about 11.30. Heidi wasn’t up until at least 1 I think.. Haha! We really didn’t do anything today.. we watched some movies though! So that was good. Cause we can’t watch TV.. cause our TV’s sound is dead.. still.. LOL. Hoping it just magically comes back??

But yeah, we hooked up Heidi’s laptop to get the movie to show on the screen & listen through the laptop speakers. We started off watching ‘Watchmen’ but I couldn’t stay interested in it.. So Heidi was in the process of getting ‘Toy Story 3’ so when that was done, we watched that! Good movie! But I was expecting it to be sadder like everyone was making it out to be..?

Then we had to wait a bit before we could watch ‘The Runaways’ so I had a shower and we had dinner in the meantime. Then finally got to watch it! I actually really enjoyed it. It was interesting. I’m definitely seeing Joan Jett & the Blackhearts at the PNE if I end up getting the job there! If not, I’d still go to the PNE that day so I can go see them! Actually, I’d like to see a couple of the concerts the PNE is doing. Bryan Adams is opening the first night. Marianas Trench is preforming the night before Joan Jett too.. Not too sure on the other performers though. But yeah! Really hoping I get the PNE job, I’m just scared though someone else is going to offer me a job in the mean time and won’t like the fact that I’m basically already committed to the PNE..

So yeah, Heidi’s gone to bed now. Not watching any more movies.. So instead I’m listening to Bad Reputation by Joan Jett! I miss playing this song on Band Hero. I need to get myself a drum kit here! I’d prefer that over a car I’m pretty sure..

But yep. Not much more to say for today lol. So I’ll be off. Night!

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