Day 97


I woke up at like 11.30 or a bit after that today. It was a good sleep 🙂 And every morning, I check my emails, twitter, facebook, etc etc. So this morning while I was checking twitter, I noticed someone had said something about Supernatural filming in the area basically! So naturally, I got up real quick, got ready, ate super fast.. and off I went!!

I wasn’t exactly sure how to get to it, so I just jumped on the bus and figured I’d get off somewhere close by. But I got off several blocks away, and around the corner. So I had to walk quite a bit, exercise anyone? Eventually walking along, I came across this..

I don’t know why it cuts half the picture off.. how annoying. It’s fine on my phone..

Anyways, yeah, I came across the sign! And I was excited. LOL. I didn’t end up going in though, it was right near Heidi’s work, so I decided to go down there and wait for her so I could drag her along! So I walked all the way back to her work, and it was about 1.30.. So I texted her to let her know and waited, cause she finishes at 2.. It was 2.30 before she replied to my text “oops lol why where are you?” turns out, she went out the back door.. and went and had lunch!!! I was waiting there standing for an hour! LOL! I wasn’t happy! HAHA. Funny though. Then I told her to come back around cause I wanted to take her somewhere! So she did! And yeah, back we went!

So this time, we walked by it.. I’m guessing they were filming in the theatre or something.. cause all we walked past was the trailers and stuff. Pretty cool! They had one of the epic motorhome buses that I’ve always wanted! We pretty much just walked straight through/past it all. Didn’t stop or anything really. We sat down though like when we’d passed it all.. but then some people came out of a building.. and stared at us basically as they walked off LOL. So we felt awkward and kinda and then decided to leave. That’s when I realized the building they came out of was the theatre..! We walked off, and back down the other street.. passing the theatre’s back doors or something I think. It was wide open, it was totally black in there.. we could see like a spotlight too. It was cool! But we just kept walking LOL. Had to go do our shopping!

Yeah, so we shopped. Pretty average there. Then we just missed the bus.. so we went to Maccas cause I was really thirsty. So I got my $1 large drink.. and refilled it before we left too! Thenn we headed home.. and on the way home, we saw two houses next to each other in the street with free stuff out front of the driveway.. So naturally, we went home.. dropped off our stuff.. and went back for some free stuff! LOL. We ended up getting an ironing board, but no cover on it.. then we got a big shoe rack thing, well we think it’s a shoe rack anyways.. And we got a kids mattress, we figured next time someone decides they wanna stay over.. they can deal with that. LOL. And also got a tall shelf thing, and a smaller one.. but they’re like metal sorta. Stuff you’d find in the garage. But it’ll work in my room no doubt. I told Heidi it was “grungy” and she said “haha Joan Jett.” ..? lol so now I’m all hardcore? We had to make two trips to get the stuff.. we didn’t dare go back for a third. We felt bad taking it. LOL. Even though it had a sign saying “FREE” …

But yeah, that’s pretty much our day! Might get up early tomorrow and go have Maccas for breakfast with Heidi before she goes to work.. Then stick around and stalk the film set again? Hopefully they’re still there tomorrow!! Heidi’s craving Maccas hotcakes, and I wouldn’t mind a cheese & tomato mcmuffin.. maybe I’ll get an egg on it too? Hmm….

Oh, I’m also learning some Filipino words. LOL. Lenny said something in Filipino the other day, and I googled it.. then replied in Filipino. So today, I texted him in Filipino.. but it always takes ages for me to google his reply LOL. Translating Filipino isn’t easy! Kamusta ka? Ikinagagalak kitang makilala. Haha! Enjoy!

But yeah, I’m off! Laters!

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