Day 98

Such a long day.. It feels like two or three days.. Ugh!

Anyways! I tried to go to bed last night around 1am, but I ended up laying there and not falling asleep until after 4am. I wasn’t happy! I just couldn’t sleep. It was really annoying! But yeah, had to get up at 8.. Cause Heidi & I decided we were going to go have Maccas for breakfast! She wanted hotcakes, I wanted a cheese & tomato mcmuffin! So off we went!

Got to Maccas.. Their mcmuffins aren’t cheap here! And I couldn’t “custom order” one? Like I wanted cheese & tomato.. but I had to order the egg one, (which had bacon, and no tomato) and then they “minused the meat” it was just egg and cheese. D: And it cost $2.59! Annoyingg! But yeah.. I was planning to get two cause I figured they’d be cheaper like at home! But that failed!

Anyways, we ate.. Then chilled for a bit.. then Heidi had to go to work so I headed home before my bus ticket expired. So when I got home I told myself I was going to do my uni work! …Instead, I tidied my room a bit. LOL. Clearly issues there! Choosing to clean my room over read my study stuff!? But it’s all good.. I eventually sat myself down and read a couple of my topics to catch up, then read the readings I needed to read.. now it’s just a matter of starting and finishing the assignment in the next day or two!

Anywhoo.. Heidi was on her way home, she was texting me.. and right before she got home, I got a call… From the PNE! Offering me the job position of ‘Candy Attendant’ at this years PNE 🙂 I was stoked! Super excited really! It’s the PNE’s 100th anniversary too! So I’m expecting it to go OFF. But yeah! So good! So a few minutes after I got off the phone, Heidi walked in the door! And I was all “GUESS WHAT!” and then I told her, and she goes “WOW! CELEBRATION DRINKS!” And she’d brought us home some ‘Orange Julius’ fruit juice things.. cause on Tuesdays you get 2 for 1! LOL. So that was cool! We had yummy juice. It was like almost a smoothie basically. I liked it.

Then we decided we wanted to go for a bike ride and check out the film sets some more.. So we gave Richard a call and asked if we could borrow their bikes. He’s been telling us for awhile now that we should go for a ride. Cause they don’t use their bikes at all and they were flat and just chilling in the garage for so long. So he was happy they got a use I think. So we set off basically just following the bus route towards Heidi’s work! We both hadn’t ridden a bike in SO long. It was crazy! Took us a few minutes before we got the feel of it again. I think we’ve spent too long on unicycles!!

I don’t remember when we left home.. But we eventually made it to the Waffle House where we went to have dinner! But before we went in, we had to try and lock our two bikes, to a bike rack.. with one U shaped bike lock! Yeah, that was interesting. LOL. But we managed! So then we went in and it was kinda awkward cause Heidi works with them all.. So they were all “Heidi! Heidi!” Etc.. and her boss came and sat with us and had a chat to me.. asking me if I had a job and what not.. Awkward.. ? LOL.

So Heidi ordered butter chicken, she’s been wanting that for awhile now and it was on special there today apparently, hence we had dinner there! LOL. I, on the other hand, had waffles! It’s a waffle house! How can I NOT have waffles?! They were yummy waffles.. But on the last waffle, Heidi said “How do you not put heaps of maple syrup on it?? I put one thing on each corner!” So I decided to pour the whole little packet thing of it on my last waffle to please her. LOL. Bad idea.. I almost couldn’t finish it cause it was just so sugary. I don’t know how she does it! Haha!

So after dinner, we headed over to check out WIND Mobile.. a new phone service company thing in Canada. Literally, they started like June 3rd I’m pretty sure. Funny too.. cause their “stores” are located INSIDE blockbuster’s all around Canada I’m pretty sure! But seriously, they have some pretty epic deals going right now! I’m totally looking forward to switching over to them! Just gotta buy myself a blackberry and off I go! 😀 😀 Heidi’s going to switch to them too! It will cost her WAY cheaper than she’s paying now with Fido. Plus WIND offers unlimited WIND to WIND calling. So we can call each other unlimited, and text whoever else! It’s good! I’m pretty sure we’ll get Dom on it too.. !

Anywhoo.. Then we got back on our bikes and set off on a massive ride around New West! First we headed to some park, forgot what it’s called.. Something was supposed to be filming there/had stuff set up there. But we rode through it, saw nothing.. Shame. Nice ride through the park though. Then we went down the block a bit further and a few more blocks around and back to where the Supernatural trailers/set was yesterday. It was still there today, sorta. They were slowly clearing the trailers away. Such a pity! 😦 But we rode through it anyways.

Pretty cool.

Then we decided we’d go follow another sign we saw around the area too, but that lead us no where obvious really.. So we went back to another one we spotted earlier on the bus route.

(I took this photo when we left in the afternoon and passed it, we didn’t go check it out until after 9pm..)

This isn’t a very good photo, but you can see some of the big trailers all lined up! There was heaps! All set up and everything. Like, I’m starting to wonder if people were actually sleeping in some of the other camper trailers set up?! Haha! I’d totally go back again.. It’s all so cool!

So yeah, it was good. Then we rode home.. Tiring. But we’ve done our exercise now for the week! I think my legs will hate me in the morning. But for now, I’m going to go try and start/do my assignment! So I shall talk to you people tomorrow! Night!

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