Day 99

Oh wow! Tomorrow is day 100!!! Ahh!!

Anyways.. I really didn’t do much today. I woke up about 10.30 or so.. sat down and tried to get my ass working on my assignment! Thankfully, it’s done now! It only took all day and help from my mother! Haha!

What else.. Oh.. My ears hurt very much. I’ve had my headphones in basically all day.. The lack of TV is really going to get to me soon.. So I decided to watch Adventureland this afternoon too. It was alright. I expected better to be honest.. But, great movie for a carnie to watch apparently. LOL. I’m a full fledged carnie now I reckon. With my current carnie job, and the PNE coming up in a couple of weeks.. I’m surprised people aren’t afraid of me yet?!

But yeah, I’m super bored. Kinda tired now.. but I don’t wanna go to bed cause Nicole just came online! But I think I must.. Gotta be down at the PNE in the morning. Signing some forms, handing in some documents and what not.. and picking up my uniform possibly?? I don’t know.. I was twitter searching PNE and came across someone who posted a photo of the ride uniform.. So possibly picking mine up too?? Who knows?! You’ll all find out in tomorrow’s blog though I guess!

OH! Tomorrow is my 100th day/blog post.. and it’s also PNE’s 100th anniversary! Coincidence? šŸ˜‰

…I’m going to go insane talking to myself for the next few days. Dear God.

Oh, PS. I forgot to mention that Dom came today. But they’re staying at some bed & breakfast place until Sunday night. So I won’t see him until then. Or Heidi either.. Hence my insanity..

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