Day 100

Soo! I had to get up nice & early today.. Woke up yeah, walked out of my room and saw our front door looked like this…

Naturally, I was confused! I felt like I was in some sci-fi movie.. and aliens had taken over or something.. So the government had sealed off my house!! AHH! ..Clearly I’m going insane, right? No but really, they’re renovating the house and stuff, so they’re painting the outside from it’s original yellowy colour, to a like grey colour basically.. You can somewhat see it outside. Looks nice actually..

Anywhoo! I laughed at it.. and then got ready for my PNE thingy! So when I was ready and what not, I went to leave to catch the bus.. and then realized, “oh, I can’t actually get out of my house..” I tried to open the door, but it was all taped up! So I rang Richard, cause I didn’t wanna miss the bus and be late for PNE just cause my door’s stuck! LOL. So he had to come through the back entrance thing that joins to their house and let me out that way. Luckily I still made it to the bus on time.. and off I headed!

Got to the PNE thing.. Filled out the required forms and what not, then sat around waiting to be spoken to again. Still lots of people were there, it wasn’t a one on one thing. I don’t think it ever will be lol. They like to get everyone through at the same time. Anyways, yeah. Finally got spoken to after waiting for awhile.. They told me all the details of what I had to do next and what’s coming up etc etc. Remind me, I need to go buy some pants or shorts.. Gotta be cotton apparnently. Can’t be jeans or nylon or cargo or sweat pants. Apparently the shorts I have are “cargo”. Even though they’re cotton? So this is going to suck…

But yeah, I got a little booklet thingy to read through before my orientation.. so that’s interesting. Had a bit of a read through it already, it says stuff like how much of portions to serve people for the candy.. like how many scoops of popcorn & stuff. 😐 Haha! I’m sure I’ll end up giving people too much or too less..

Anywhooo. I went to go get a hair cut this afternoon.. I walked around Lougheed to check out the hair dressers there.. basically freaked out and bailed. Like, I didn’t go in.. I just left and decided I couldn’t go through with it. LOL. I have issues guys! D: I dunno what I’m going to do!!

So I came home.. Kept working on my assignment to try and finish it up so I could submit it on time! Then I finally just decided to submit it.. and hope for the best? Then Alexis came down and wanted to hang for the arvo/night. So we were just chillin here, then we decided to go for a walk to the store up the corner or something.. I’d never been to it before, and I would have ended up walking the epic long way. But she showed me a short cut kinda.. Next time Heidi & I go bike riding now I’ll know a better way to go rather than the epic hill we had to go up!! And yeah, we passed a school or something, apparently it’s the elementary school she went to. And we chilled there for a bit. She was on the phone to one of her friends at one point discussing tomorrow or something, and I was playing on the playground.. I forgot how much monkey bars hurt on your hands!

Then we came home.. and we both sat down & started playing frontierville.. cause we’re SO COOL. LOL. It was funny though.. Then we decided to watch Zombieland. I didn’t find it as funny the second time round.. Not sure why.. I thought it was hilarious when I watched it on the flight over here.. Pity. 😦

Then we started watching The Runaways. Got about half way through before Lexi decided to go back upstairs and what not. She just wanted to watch a bit of it and see if she liked it, but she hadn’t planned to stay down so late/long lol. I couldn’t really be bothered watching the rest of it by myself. Like, I have no problem watching it again.. just I’ve seen it, so may as well watch something I haven’t yet seen. Which is why I’m about to watch The Lovely Bones right now… So, I might head off and do that!


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