Day 102

Pretty much the same as yesterday… Slept in, watched movies, good fun! Except I actually went OUT and saw ‘Inception’ tonight. Oh-My-GOD. Yeah. Mind blown. Go see it.. seriously. Can’t even describe it. It was long, but good!

What else did I watch today.. Oh, I watched ‘Shutter’ Island finally. That was pretty trippy. But it wasn’t bad. It went for so long.. So I only had time to start watching the start of the next movie, ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’, before I had to go out with the land lords for ‘Inception’. So I just finished watching ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ just then. Wasn’t bad. Started off great, but kinda just got average I guess..

I plan on watching ‘Kick Ass’ tomorrow.. Heard great stuff about that. I wish I could spend my whole life watching movies… Like 2 movies a day. Or one a day even would be good.. And get like, paid to do it.. I really need a film set job. Ahhhh….. But I don’t know where to start.. 😦

Anywhooo… I can’t decide if I’m tired or not right now for bed… perhaps I should watch ‘Kick Ass’ right now..?

Eh.. Night!

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