Day 103

Feels like such a long day.. I’m soo tired already D:

So what’d I do.. Hmm… I woke up at like 9.30 from a text from Heidi, saying they were gonna head out to the Vancouver Pride festival downtown and asked if I wanted to come too, so I figured why not.. They still had to come back home first and what not, so they didn’t get back until around 12. But by that time, no one could really be bothered going to it. Apparently 700,000 people were expected to go.. That’s more than the mobs of people that went to the fireworks each night! Supposedly the festival is one of the largest in North America.. Would have actually been interesting to go see what the big fuss was.

But instead, we went shopping. Story-of-my-life. Heidi wrote a shopping list, but surprisingly, she left it at home. LOL. So we went to Walmart first, got whatever we needed. Then to the fruit & veg shop, then to Safeway. Pretty average. Still made it back on to the bus in time before our ticket expired. Classy.

Came home.. unpacked the groceries.. then just chilled. Oh, we were making pasta for lunch. And Alexis came downstairs to make lunch too, like her own lunch. Cause they’re renovating upstairs and still have no oven or stove etc. So we all were having lunch and watching a movie and what not.. We were watching ‘Kick-Ass’. Hadn’t seen it yet and was really looking forward to seeing it. It was okay.. I dunno, I expected more? I guess I just heard so much praise about it and ended up with a huge epic thing in my head. I don’t know what it is about movies.. I don’t think I really have a favorite movie. It’s like I can just watch sooo many movies and they all stick. But nothing ever really is like “OMG THAT’S MY FAV MOVIE EVERRR!!!” although, Inception was pretty brilliant..

Anywhoo.. We bought chocolate muffins today. Heidi really wanted a muffin.. or two.. We bought 6. Two each. LOL. They’re yummy.. I’ve been wanting a muffin for awhile too actually. I’m so having my second one tomorrow.. Mmmm… I can’t think of what else we did. Not much really. We seriously just sat around for a few hours waiting until Richard & that got home from the movies so we could pay our rent & introduce Dom.

So they came home finally, and Richard & Brodie came down. They brought Chikita along 🙂 She’s so cuteee. I’m totally looking forward to dog sitting next week! 😀 I’m claiming her to sleep in my room! 😀 Hehe. So they met Dom & what not, Heidi & I talked to them for a bit, Dom.. not so much. Lol. Then Heidi & I went upstairs with them after to collect our mail, we ended up chatting even more about movies, and then “scary” movies. LOL. By the time we came back down, Dom had gone to bed. Heidi had to go to bed too, she’s starting an hour earlier tomorrow. So she went to bed. I showered, and now I’m here talking to you–whoever reads this–about my day! I don’t think many people still read this though actually.. Comments have dropped to zilch. And the views per day are all over the place, strange.. Oh well. I can’t stop now. Must. Make. 365. AT LEAST.

Off to bed now.. Not really, just off here.. 😀 NIGHT!

    • Step Dad
    • August 2nd, 2010

    We still read we just get it in an email so we don’t have to visit the web page everyday.

    • well that’s no fun. i’ve added a flickr thing to the side bar now. with photos!

    • eryn
    • August 2nd, 2010

    i still read this everyday :$

    • neesolay
    • August 2nd, 2010

    I’m the same, I get it in my email haha its the highlight of my day. I miss you 😥

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