Day 104

Woke up.. Ate cereal.. I’m so exciting..

Really bludgy day.. I was looking up jobs, and phone plans. Haha, still can’t decide which phone plan I’m going to go with.. it’s so confusing and annoying. Why can’t it be as simple as in Australia?!?! D: Basically, I think I need to buy myself a Blackberry or something.. Hmm.

Anywhoo.. Heidi was texting me on her way home, she wanted Dom & I to hide.. So we could play hide & seek. Not even kidding. LOL. So Dom hid in between their two beds.. And I hid in the cupboard under the stairs, behind all our crap.. as far under as I could. I was laying on tiles and boxes and roof tiles. It was soo uncomfortable. Heidi basically walked in the house and opened the cupboard door right away. I don’t know where else she expected us to hide in this house!! LOL. She said it was really obvious where Dom was, cause the bed was moved. LOL.

And yeah.. Then we went up to the park/school. I was the only one to ride a bike.. And I was bored quick. I sat on the playground texting & what not.. And I dunno where Heidi & Dom got to with my soccer ball.. So I texted Heidi saying I was going back home. Got home.. remembered I didn’t have my keys. Figured Heidi had her phone though and would get the message.. but she’d left it at home. So I sat outside for like half an hour. D:

Then we got home & made lasagna for dinner! Om nom nom. Dom liked it apparently. He said he’s never had vegetarian lasagna before, but it was good. I’m a great cook. Haha!

K so I’m still looking up phones… and plans… sucky. But it’s gotta be done!

Nothing else really happened today either. I’m very bored. And I really wanna make a banana smoothie right now, but is that totally wrong of me if I do because Heidi & Dom are asleep? & have been asleep for a few hours now… And it’s 11.40pm?? I think I should still go make it.. I’m craving a banana smoothie!!! D:

Anyways.. That’s it, I’m done. Nighty night!

    • melaniee
    • August 3rd, 2010

    bathroom smoothie 🙂

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