Day 105

Helloooo …

Another boring day. Story of my life. My posts all suck with the lack of carnival. Cause there’s really not much that I get up to without that.. It’s okay though, the next few weeks will pick up! Carnival on the 8th, PNE training stuff on the 12th, 14th & 18th, then actual PNE starting on the 21st! So, that’s stuff to look forward to I guess.

Unfortunately I had to say no to a carnival date on the 14th! I was NOT happy! It made me sad šŸ˜¦ Sucky as! Oh.. I still need to find some “cotton” pants. Seriously, I have no idea what I’m looking for.. my shorts/pants are cotton, but apparently they’re “cargo” pants.. Um no? I don’t know. Eh.

Anywhoo.. Dom & I met Heidi when she finished work, then we went to the mall & talked to Rogers.. but the chick said everything was currently being changed so come back tomorrow. Like, they didn’t have any of the new plan brochures etc. So I said I’d come back another day.. Then we went to Safeway quickly, I don’t remember why.. Heidi & Dom bought juice or something. Then we went to the bank, cause Dom was setting up a bank account.. Took forever. I was falling asleep waiting. While sitting there I was starting to think, “Why did I even come out today??” I wasn’t doing anything important.. waste of $3.50 in bus fares. Ugh.

So while waiting I went and talked to Fido & Telus, both who seem way over priced.. If these new plans that I saw with Rogers are what they seem to be, then it’s WAY better! So we’ll see..Ā  But yeah anyways, they were finally finished in the bank.. So we jumped on the bus and went to the thrift store in search of an ironing board cover.. But they had none, just irons, and we already had an iron & ironing board.. so meh. Then we went home.

Then we watched ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ tonight.. Yeah.

Eventually Heidi & Dom went to sleep. I’m still up, obviously. I made at least 4 trips out to the street with things for the bin. That’s my excitement for the day. Hah. Then I felt like a banana smoothie. Last night I also felt like one, as I mentioned.. So I went and made one at 12.30am.. In the bathroom.. So I could shut all the doors and try not to wake Heidi & Dom. So nice of me, right? I felt so weird taking the blender & ingredients into the bathroom.. so tonight, I decided to just do it in the kitchen. And I did. And they didn’t wake up. So, all is good!

Although, while in the middle of making my smoothie.. I got the milk out, and shut the fridge.. And heard a really weird vibrating/buzzing noise. So I opened the fridge, expecting to see the light flickering as it’s been doing lately. But instead there’s a huge ass bee in the seal bit of the fridge. So I must have closed it on him.. Naturally, I left the door open and moved to the other side of the room LOL. I turned off the lights in the room, but I forgot about the fridge light, so he flew back into the fridge.. I was tryna get him to fly out to the patio cause I turned the lights on out there. But no, he went back in to the fridge, and stayed there.

I left the fridge open for a couple of minutes, he wasn’t budging.. So eventually I just shut the fridge. Yeah.. I’m cruel. But I didn’t know what else to do. I haven’t checked on him since. Probably dead from the cold now?? I suck. My bad!

So that was more excitement in my life.. Now I’m done. Gonna go listen to my music and possibly head to sleep.. But Mel has just come online, so maybe I’ll be up a bit longer. I’d hit that.. With my car.. HAHAHA. šŸ™‚

    • melaniee
    • August 4th, 2010

    ahahahaha šŸ™‚
    love it

    im excited for pne thing
    while its on my mind
    explain what its all about!

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