Day 106

Saw Mrs Wallis on the train today! HAHA. Forgot to mention I saw her yesterday too on the bus, if she was Indian.. But today it wasn’t the same woman as yesterday, but it looked like Wallis though! LOLOL. Funny as. I need to work out a way to take sneaky photos of all these people we see look-a-likes of..

ANYWAYS! More to the point.. Blog! What did I do today? I’m not really sure.. I think I woke up pretty late, had a shower/bath, then that pretty much took up the remainder of the time before Heidi got home. She texted me on her way home telling us to hide again, I tried to hide behind the couch but I didn’t fit in the small gap.. So I was lazy, and laid on the couch, with three big cushions over me. HAHA. I think I had the best hiding spot.. I’m not sure where/if Dom hid cause I was busy “hiding” myself haha.

Oh, it’s also Heidi & Dom’s 9 month anniversary today or whatever.. So Heidi brought home a huge tub of ice-cream, some bisquick mix!! And maple syrup. I was very excited for the bisquick! HAHA. But she told me “SHH” while she hid it in the kitchen from Dom. But she ended up telling him he could have it now and stuff, but she was gonna go and make pancakes for him, he had to wait in their room. So I got up to help Heidi make pancakes.. She was waiting to flip the first pancake, and I noticed the RAID bug spray stuff on the counter, and thought it was funny sitting near the frypan.. Heidi looks at me and goes “:| shit!” HAHAAHAHAHA. LOLOLOL. Seriously! THE funniest thing EVER. I laughed so hard. It was so good. LOL. Obviously we threw that pancake out. I can’t believe she sprayed the frypan with RAID! LMAOOO. Seriously, classic. I’ll never let her forget that one.. AHAHAHA.

So I scrubbed the heck out of the frypan, while she used the new frypan to keep cooking.. She’s so lucky I was there. LOL! Otherwise Dom & I would be dead from RAID infested pancakes.. I wondered why the frying pan wasn’t heating properly.. Classic stuff. AHAH. I keep laughing every time I think about it LOL!

Bahahaha.. Anywhoo! Then Dom & Heidi left to go downtown to get Dom’s SIN number, and I was gonna meet them at unicycling at the usual time. So yeah, I chilled at home a bit longer, made dinner.. etc. Then headed off! While walking from the station to where everyone unicycles, I noticed more film set signs!! So naturally, we went for a walk-by after/during unicycling! I really need to improve my film set stalking skills. I only ever get as far as the trailers & crew parking. I can never find the actual set. I suck!

So we unicycled & walked by the trailers, then sat around after and chatted with the unicycling people. Adam & Nick were doing rubicks cubes again, I joined in.. I’ve done rubicks cubes before, but I just don’t know the patterns off by heart. So they were trying to show me some of the patterns that they use. But then it was getting late/dark. It’s not staying light as long anymore, 9 is duskish now, instead of 9.30. Depends I guess. But yeah, we headed home..

Andddd now we’re home. Heidi & Dom have gone to bed, obviously, cause it’s almost 2am and I’m still awake. I suck! I need to stop doing this. But I can’t help it! It’s the best time to be awake!

But I might head off now. NIGHT.

    • neesolay
    • August 5th, 2010

    LOL heidi is totally trying to kill you’s

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