Day 107


I woke up late again today.. But also fairly early considering how late I went to bed. Didn’t do much, as usual. Caught up on my uni weekly topics readings, and spent ages trying to remember how to finish off the rubiks cube. I’m sooo cool.. 😐

Anyways, headed out around 4pm to go to Metrotown to have an interview at Pet Habitat, yet again! It was the same guy as last time too, he runs/owns all the Pet Habitat stores in Vancouver I’m pretty sure.. So yeah, he remembered me vaguely and we chatted again, he asked me other questions like “do you have any fears? any chemical allergies?” etc etc. So, hopefully that’s a good sign? He also gave me a pamphlet/booklet thing on fish & tanks and stuff and made a mark on everything I had to read and learn about.. and he said once I think I can remember it all & be able to recite it back to a customer as if they were asking me a heap of questions, then I’m supposed to call him & we’ll take it from there.. So I’m not sure what it means as such, like.. do I have the job if I can remember all that stuff? I dunno. But, I guess we’ll see!

Plus, I’ve got the job interview tomorrow with the photography studio.. I’m a bit scared for that one actually. It’s going to be so like posh & formal, and then I’m going to walk in the doors… My bad. I guess it would be interesting work though, and probably way better pay than the pet store.. But I don’t know which I’d prefer, and which I’d have more fun at? We’ll see how it goes tomorrow I guess..

After the interview, I went to the Rogers phone company, asked some questions.. Turns out they weren’t as good as I’d hoped. The one plan I was looking at was really good, but you had to sign up on a 3 year contract. I won’t even be here in 2 years from now, so like hell I’d sign up on a 3. Their month to month plans were a lot more expensive. So whatever. I went over to Koodo then, talked to them. Way better! The only problem is I have to buy a phone still. The Nokia E61 Monte gave me to bring here won’t even work on their network, or WIND mobiles.. I can’t even buy a Blackberry Curve because it won’t work with them either! It’ll have to be a Blackberry bold 9700. But very unlikely I’m going to find one for less than $200. So I’m not happy.. 😦 But in the long run, I can bring the BB home with me when I’m done here. ANDD the Blackberry bolds are able to receive the new Blackberry OS6 update thingy in a few months or weeks.. So I guess $200 isn’t sooo bad, considering buying one new would be $450-500?

So yeah, I gotta buy a phone like.. This weekend. Cause on Monday, I can sign up! YAY. Well.. I can’t technically, without Heidi. LOL. Happy birthday Heidi, LET’S GO GET ME A PHONE?! That’s soo bad. Ahaha. But no, I’m not too sure what we’re going to do on Monday. She’ll be working through the day, then I think she wants to go to a beach & have fish & chips & Dairy Queen.. So we’ll probably stop off by a phone place on the way downtown if I can buy a Blackberry this weekend..? D:

Yeah, not much else to say really.. I came home whenever, I don’t even remember.. Heidi & Dom were still out. So I had some left over lasagna for dinner and that’s it really. I have SO much fun in Canada! :\

Imma go shower. NIGHT!

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