Day 108

Long day..

Couldn’t get to sleep early enough, as usual.. So I was somewhat rushed this morning to get down to Commercial/Broadway for my interview! Took about an hour or so to get there, I was probably 25 minutes early, but it was either that or be 5-10 minutes late.. So I stood around for awhile, waiting, eventually walked in to the studio.. From the moment I set foot in to it, I felt SO awkward and out of place.

Spoke to the receptionist, she called the guy over, someone else came and got me, shook my hand.. then we went downstairs and met the guy who I spoke to on the phone. They had three leather single seats around a small table, it was all fancy.. I sat down, and being a leather chair, it made a huge fart noise. I was like 😐 “it was the chair, I swear :\” they laughed lol. Awkward as! LOL.

So yeah, we chatted and stuff.. I think it went kinda good to be honest, but I actually hope they don’t hire me. Like, I felt SO out of place, and the two weeks training is right during PNE. And I’ve already signed a contract & committed to PNE.. So I’ll feel uber bad if I have to pull out of PNE now. I don’t know. It’s so hard. I don’t know what to do. And it’s not like this photography job is long term anyways, it’s the training, then a month straight doing stuff.. but after that you may not be kept on. So really, it’s tough & high stakes I guess. So it’s that, VS PNE & possibly the pet store for long term!? I don’t know. This is soo annoying. THIS IS WHY I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED APPLYING FOR JOBS AGES AGO D:


Anyways, came home, had lunch, etc, Heidi came home, then we headed out bowling! Bowled our 3 games, then pretty much headed straight home again. Came home, made dinner, ate dinner, as usual. LOL. Dom & Heidi spoke to Dom’s mum on Skype for a bit, Heidi’s mum wasn’t answering her Skype thing, so we headed out again!

This time, we were heading out to the film set for the new/upcoming TV series “Hellcats” starring Ashley Tisdale, and a bunch of other people. I was really excited to actually see an on location film set! Any film set for that matter. I’ve never seen one before really, so this was epic exciting. I liked it! So many lights set up cause it was a night shoot. They’d done up the alley/street bit to look like Memphis apparently. So cool! We went walking through the carpark above it kind of to try and get a better view, and we saw a whole bunch of people up there and we figured they were other fans & what not watching, but turns out, it was the cast & crew! They had the costumes up there, and the hair/make up stands & stuff, and changing rooms! And all the cast/crew were sitting on a whole bunch of tables & chairs and the chairs said “Hellcats” on them. It was so cool! And we walked right through it! Awkwardly, not to mention..

Then we sat around on the opposite side, away from it, to avoid being told off.. I was texting Lenny & he said he was going to come check it out cause he thinks Ashley Tisdale is hot, LOL. So we waited, and waited, but he took forever, and our bus tickets were running out.. so we made one last walk through what we could of the film area, and headed back to the station. We were crossing a road to get to the station, and I noticed Lenny.. in his car.. at the lights. LOL! Found him! But we were in a rush by then to try and make the bus so we just spoke for a bit then left. He said he was going to meet up with Ron & I think they both went down to have a look. He texted me before saying “I think I’m standing next to a paparazzi, this guy got a big ass camera” ahahaha.

I wish I was still down there. I think they’ll be filming till pretty late, they hadn’t even started filming when we left at about 10. It was supposedly a big musical number, really wish we could have stuck around! But Heidi & Dom were ever so bored with it, before we even got there I’m pretty sure haha. I need to find more people who find it interesting here.. So that I can have set watching buddies.

After seeing it today, I really really really really want a job on a film set. It looked crazy, and fun! I’m not going to be able to sleep for ages tonight now, I’ll be too busy thinking about it! I’m pathetic. Ugh! But it was so coool….

Anyways, gonna go sleep.. going to play with shelter dogs tomorrow 🙂 and I have to still try and buy a stupid Blackberry this weekend. It’s going to cost me like $300++ I’m so annoyed. No one will take the Nokia except for the expensive places! Makes me very sad. Very very sad. I hate decisions, and life! I need to be my own boss, so then work will be covered for me, and I can do what I please… and then I’ll be able to afford a Blackberry too.. 😦

Wishful thinking, right? Goodnight!

Oh, PS. I forgot to mention, apparently a scene from ‘New Moon’ was done at the same spot they’re currently doing the ‘Hellcats’ filming. Also, we were hanging around out front of the same theater that Bella & Jessica go to in the movie also, and guess what? It’s actually a strip/dance club.. LOL!

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