Day 110

Oh my god.. What a day..

I don’t even know where to begin, but I guess we’ll just see how it goes..

So I didn’t get to sleep until really late, I tried! Honestly. I need to work on my sleeping patterns.. But anyway, I was very tired when I had to get up at 7 and I was in such a rush too cause I had to be on the 8am bus! Or else I was screwed! So I got up, walked out to the kitchen, and wth, the cat we named “Old Greg” is asleep on our front mat?! Like, for reals. I was so confused.

So as I had breakfast & made myself lunch, all I could hear was it meowing! I wanted to hit it! Damn cat!

Eventually I got ready and rushed out for carnival! It was horrible weather. Drizzly rain. So annoying. But I got on the bus, got to the station, got on the train, got on a bus, got off where I had to, walked the place I was going, and finally found the place we were setting up. Ugh! While I was walking to it, I was walking through a carpark, and I was walking along the car parking spots – like the spaces the cars park, right? It was empty, but this car coming towards me decided to swerve and drive over the car spaces, basically at me. I moved in to the garden like wth? And saw the 2 Indian men in there laughing. Stupid losers.

Got there, started setting up stuff and what not. We got a run down of the event, it was an “East Indian” event. By East Indian, it’s just Indian for what we know them as.. But apparently they’re known to be rude & try to steal and all that crap. So anyways, I noticed so many rude men. They were so annoying. “How much?” $2 for 3 shots. “You give me 4 shots.” No, 3. “No no, you give me 4 shots for $2!” No, 3! “K fine, you give me 5 shots for $3” NO! I was so sick of them like an hour in to the carnival.. everyone was.

I was on breaks today with Jaclyn, so basically we went around to everyone giving them their breaks, so I was on a bunch of things all day. We had half the stuff each, I had Alien Attack, Rolldown, Chicken in a pot, and the Tubs ride to cover. And Jaclyn had both Concessions, Pond & Spin. The Alien game right, is a rubber band gun, that you load the rubber bands off and you have to shoot at cans. So on one of my rounds in Alien, I had these three young boys, total dick heads. I could have kicked their faces in. Not even kidding. They stood there being total assholes. Other people wanted to play and they were all “Can I see the gun?” “Give me a prize” blah blah blah.

They were really annoying me at that time, I was like “I think you should leave now.” But they wouldn’t. I was down on the ground picking up some cans & rubber bands, and I noticed a kids hand grabbing heaps of rubber bands on the floor while I was trying to pick them up! I was like OI! PISS OFF! But he kept taking them! Then I went back to the front and was pretty much really annoyed at them by now, and the kid I saw taking the rubber bands finally comes back around and was like “Can I see the gun?” I go no, cause you just stole my rubber bands. “NO I DIDN’T I WAS OFFF LIKE, SEEING MY MOM” liar. Ugh. So annoying.

So then they kept trying to take the gun, and I was getting really pissed off. And then they started flinging rubber bands at the cans with their fingers. I was like okay, seriously, you guys have to leave or I’m getting my boss. He’s big and mean! And Doug wasn’t even there, LOL so I was going to get Andre. But when I threatened them they left… Or so I thought. I noticed them taking more rubber bands a few minutes after, but by then Mel was back from her break so I warned her about it and then went to go cover Marcus’s break on the Tubs.

I was standing there talking to Marcus about the ride thing, and I felt something hit me in the side of the face.. I was confused like wth? I though a bug flew into my hair/face at first, and Marcus goes “ have a..” and went to grab it from my hair. Naturally, I thought a bug right. And he pulls out a rubber band. He goes “Ahahaha that’s random.” And I instantly knew it was those boys! So I turned to look and saw them standing there laughing! So I pointed at them like “OMG! It’s those stupid boys!” And they must have seen me point them out to Marcus, and they bolted.. So fast. Classic! Then I had no more problems at all with them for the rest of the day! HAHA. Stupid shits.

Anyways… The day went FOREVER. I worked almost 12 hours. I left home at 8am, got home at 11pm. Very very very tired. We have Chiquita downstairs now for the next week or two while upstairs all go away. Lucky them, holiday in Californiaaaa! Chiquita keeps farting.. so gross. LOL. I’m reconsidering letting her sleep in my room..

I’m heaps tired now anyways. Chiquita can hear them walking around upstairs, poor thing. She’s all confused and wants them back already I think. Oh my god she just farted again. Skunks smell nicer than this.. LOLOL.

K, imma go shower. NIGHT!

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