Day 111


Everyone say Happy Birthday Heidi! Ready, one, two, THREE! … I hope you all said it.

Anywhoo! Didn’t do anything exciting for the most of the day. I was going to get up and join Dom & Heidi for pancakes before Heidi went to work but I was so tired from carnival & from tryna settle Chiquita in all night that I really couldn’t get myself out of bed.. so naturally I fell back asleep. Eventually woke up, Chiquita slept all night on my bed. I’m surprised I didn’t kick her off at all or anything. But this is how I woke up to her next to me this morning..

Lucky dog.

So I came out to have breakfast right, and who would be on our door mat, but Old Greg the random cat. Not even joking. Chiquita, being a dog, naturally went ape shit barking at it. The cat kinda just sat there on the other side of the glass just staring. Eventually the cat found it like a game, just liked stirring the shit out of Chiquita. Stupid thing!

I had to then drag Chiquita back to my room and shut the door so she would stop barking at the cat. I went out again to use the bathroom, she barked again. Went out again for lunch, she went nuts. I just decided to let her go off at it so then she’d get bored. But Lexi must have heard it this time and she came running outside and down the stairs. I told her about the cat, and she decided to go pick it up and put it off somewhere. She took it around the corner and left it there, then went back upstairs to her place. I watched her walk back to hers, only to see the cat basically right behind her, and he detoured and came back down our stairs, sat on the mat again, and stirred shit up.

Stupid cat.

So went back to my room, again. Eventually Heidi came home, and we had planned to go out to Lougheed then go to Wafflehouse for dinner for Heidi’s birthday! Lexi came down so she could put Chiquita upstairs while we went out to stop her barking at the cat. Heidi decided to take the cat next door anyways just to ask them if it was their cat. Apparently they weren’t home, but the cat jumped on to their patio, so it must live there. We haven’t seen it back since, thankfully.

So yeah, went to Lougheed. Had a talk to Koodo again. I’m sick of them not knowing their own stuff. I’ve been told different shit by different Koodo booths. None of the companies seem to know their own shit. I should work for all of them. I should take over ALL Canadian cell phone networks and start this shit up properly. Stupid things.

Anywhooo.. Then we got on a bus and went to Wafflehouse, and Heidi ordered 3 pancakes, and french toast. I ordered a waffle. Heidi gave me a pancake, and some french toast. Dom had some chicken stuff.. I forgot what. With fries. By the end of it, we were all sooo full. Heidi and I especially. We were going to burst I reckon. HAHA. Waffles are SO worth it though.

I told the Wafflehouse that it was her birthday! And they brought her out a piece of apple pie with a candle and sung to her. HAHA. She went red. It was funny. We were SO full though we couldn’t even fit in the pie. I had two bites of it and I was going to throw up I was so stuffed. But Heidi managed to eat it all eventually.

On the way home we passed that house that always seems to have free stuff out front, so today we noticed a coffee table. LOL! We went for it, obviously. It was pretty heavy so Dom needed some help carrying it. So I went and picked up the other side and he goes “QUICK! LEG IT!” so we started running with it down the hill. HAHA. Would have looked like we were stealing stuff! So funny though. Those people may as well just bring stuff straight to our place. Works for everyone then. So now we have a coffee table.

Then we got home, picked Chiquita back up, and yeah. Now I’m on my bed.. Been here for hours. I’m so cool. Chiquita is asleep on her bed on the floor, perhaps she’ll sleep there tonight. I need to shower in a minute. So I’m going to wrap this up. That’s it pretty much for the day. Nothing else exciting planned for awhile. So yep. NIGHT!

    • Step Dad
    • August 10th, 2010


    • g-ma
    • August 10th, 2010

    Yes Heidi, Happy Birthday

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