Day 112

Slow day..

So last night, after I blogged, Alexis came downstairs and invited me up cause she was having a few friends over and what not, not a party or anything. It was really just like 4 others plus us. So yeah, I went and socialized. So I got up today, fed Chiquita, did whatever.

Then at like 3 or so, Lexi texted me and told me to come upstairs and what not, so I went up. Took Chiquita too, cause it’s her house and all haha. So we chilled, and watched Buffy. But then she had to go to work, so I came back home. Then I really didn’t do much, again. I’ve been doing my rubiks cube like sooo many times in the past week. After watching the guys at unicycling doing it last week I wanted to get back in to it so that I could do it without needing my “cheat sheet” it just takes time to learn all the patterns for different situations off by heart. But I’m working on it.

So yeah, nothing else exciting really. Pretty average. Lexi came down just before to say bye to Chiquita. She’s leaving really early in the morning, like 5am. So she’s going to stay at her grandparents tonight cause they’re taking here there in the morning. Then she’ll be off to join the family in sunny California! *Major jealousy*

And that brings me back to this. Doing nothing! Thinking about applying at Flight Center. I think I already have though, but thinking about it again.. I’m talking to someone right now who works there and says it’s great etc & that there’s a referral program.. HMM! Travel benefits?! šŸ˜€ I need that. BAD!

So yep. I’m off. Night!

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