Day 113

Average. Just average.

I really don’t even need to write anything. Like wow, I did nothing! I’m so cool!

No but uhm, I spent the day totally memorizing all the algarithms needed to solve a rubiks cube. So now I can do a rubiks cube without needing the support of my cheat sheet! Pretty cool. I felt completed. Like it was THAT much better solving it without cheat sheet assistance than it was the first time I actually ever completed one. I’m so pathetic really, I’m blogging about rubiks cubes?! What is the world coming to..

What else.. Oh, I also wrote out three pages of notes and information from the ‘how to set up an aquarium’ booklet thing I was given by the pet store guy at my interview. I called up the store to see if he was there but he wasn’t and they really weren’t any help. So I emailed him instead, but still no reply.. So I dunno hey.

I also had a missed call from the photography place this morning, but they didn’t call back at all throughout the day, so I’m hoping that means I didn’t get it, cause then I won’t need to reject their offer.

Hmm.. We went downtown before unicycling. Heidi and Dom got some free voucher things for some bakery place for free coffee & donuts. But it was a one day thing only and they got it last week. But the people at the store were still happy to give them each a pastry. I had one, and they shared one. Heidi was trying to be healthy and not eat it, but temptation was great. I had a chocolate something something one.. she had banana & walnut? The chocolate one was SO good. It had like a nutella like inside. It was all warm in the pastry and it was just great. I’d totally get another one.

We also had Fresh Slice Pizza for dinner. There was several pizza stores in a row on this one street, so we went with the cheapest. I’d heard Fresh Slice was good.. It was okay I guess flavor wise considering I just had cheese. But it was so greasy it was gross. I’d rather Quiznos.

And yeah, finally we got down to unicycling. I spent majority of the night trying to freemount. Freemounting is when you get on the unicycle and go without using the aid of a rail or any other object to get up and get balance. I have pretty good balance I think, my only problem is once I get up on it, I can’t get the momentum to get going forwards. I finally got tired and had too many cuts and red marks up my leg to keep going freemounting for the night so I went and sat down and Justin was giving me some tips on it. He says I should try going backwards slightly just enough to get the pedals lined up right to get enough push to go forwards. So I’m going to try that next week. Not many people there can freemount. It’s pretty hard. Even the people who have been unicycling for years, some of them still can’t freemount. It’s something you really have to practice and try at for ages. I just figured I’d give it a go cause I can generally stay pretty still on the unicycle, and I guess I can. I’ll probably have freemounting down before I can keep myself riding on the unicycle off the railing for longer than what I can do now. Haha. Makes no sense.. nevermind.

Then I was doing rubiks cubing with Adam & Nick. Nick brought his rubiks cubes this time. They were so cool! They had like a springy/rubbery inside and it turned so well. And one glowed in the dark! But it was pretty pointless, because the coloured squares didn’t glow, just the lines and stuff. LOL. But still cool.

Then Heidi and Dom decided they wanted to go, so we left. I would have stayed way longer, but you know. Can’t really hang around there by myself once it’s dark. Sigh. And it’s getting darker now earlier (like 9 instead of 9.30 haha nothing drastic) but still. Time just goes faster.

K, I’m going to go shower or something now. Laters!

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