Day 114

Woke up, morning went as usual. Got a call from the photography studio again, cause I missed their call yesterday. They offered me the job. But I had to decline. I told them it seemed like a great job and all, but I was already committed to the PNE and I felt like I had a loyalty to the PNE now because they hired me first. So they were okay with this (I hope) and said they’d put me on a list to call if anyone drops out by the start of September. So, I still may get it if nothing else comes up.. Possibly.

So I had my PNE orientation tonight. Went in and spent 3-4 hours being talked to about health & saftey, and ‘food safe’ stuff. Pretty much all common sense really.. if you sneeze snot all into your hands, obviously go wash them before you continue making burgers.. Duhhh. Haha. But yeah, the session was droning..

Then afterwards we got given our schedule. Mine says “Attraction: Octopus” so I’m presuming there is a ride called ‘Octopus’ and I’ll be on a candy stall near there?? I also heard them say “donuts” so, possibly I’ll be making donuts for the fair season?? YUM! I’ve got 7 scheduled days. Only like 3 that say ‘off’ and the rest are ‘on call’. They’re all fairly late shifts too, like 2pm starts and 7pm starts. I think one may be a 5pm. I want to know if I can spend the day at the PNE/playland before my shifts?? I’ve also got to check my schedule with the concerts! I REALLY wanna see Joan Jett & Marianas Trench I think. Let’s hope I can!

After the orientation, everyone basically headed over to the place where you get your uniforms and stuff. And I picked up my ID, name badge, 2 shirts, and a jumper thing! Not bad. But I don’t get to keep any of it 😦 I wish I could keep the name badge. But they must re-use the name badges every year. I’m surprised they’re not letting anyone keep their shirts? It says 2010 & 100th anniversary on them. I wanna keep mine!

(poor lighting, sorry!)

Speaking of crappy photos, there’s an employee recognition program thing going on during the PNE. You get given something that says what good thing you did etc etc, and there’s a tear off portion which you can drop in a box at human resources, & every day they draw two people to win a Sony 12 megapixel camera. I forgot the rest of the details on it. But yeah! I’m gonna be a perfect employee and try to win a new camera! Cause we all know, I need one!

Oh, also! WordPress has added a Twitter button function to the blogs, only if you chose to enable it. And naturally, I will! 😀 AND you can apparently “Like” blogs now too. Epic!

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