Day 115

Haha, wordpress just gave me a “Congratulations! You won the prize! To take our 5 second survey :)” .. it was just if I’d recommend wordpress to friends & family and what not or something.. eh.

ANYWAYS! Today I didn’t do much to start with, story of my life! Pretty much just chilled hey. Then at 1.30 Dom & I jumped on a bus to meet Heidi at her work so we could go to Value Village cause I needed to get some cotton pants for PNE, and Heidi just LOVES Value Village. So, we went to Value Village!

I tried on heaps of pants. Some were comfy. Some weren’t. Some were too tight. Some were too big.. Eventually I just picked one and went with it. I wish they had pockets though. But like none of the cotton pants seemed to have pockets really. It sucks! I can fit my phone on its side in my back pocket on these ones. What if I sit down?? Who the hell invented ass pockets, really? They’re SO useless.. Maybe put a bus ticket in there or something. But phones/wallets/keys are just no.

Oh, on the way to Value Village, Heidi insisted we stop at this little cafe thing she went to yesterday for lunch. So we did. Was pretty average really.. Haha. Then we went to Value Village! Then after Value Village, we were heading back to go to the bank cause I needed some coinage for bus fares! On the bus, a water bottle went rolling down the isle. I was already standing, so being the great nice person I am, I went and picked it up and handed it back to the old lady. She shook her head and hand at me, to say it wasn’t hers. It didn’t belong to anyone. I just chased a bottle down the isle, in front of everyone, for no reason. Only to be rejected for my good deed, in front of everyone. I felt silly. HAHA.

Then the old lady got off the bus a few stops later. She’d been sitting next to Heidi & Dom, hence I was standing. So when the seat became free, I sat down. A couple of stops after I’d sat down, I saw an old man getting on, and we were sitting in the disabled seats so naturally I got up right, being polite and all, to let the man sit.. But instead he walked straight past me, didn’t even acknowledge me. Again, I looked like a dick in front of the whole bus. Heidi just laughed at me. Twice in the space of 10 minutes I tried to be nice to people on the bus and got shut down both times. I don’t know why I bother!

So yep, went to the bank. Not much else really. Heidi bought yogurt covered raisins at Safeway so we were snacking on them at the bus stop waiting to head home. Came home.. then we decided to watch ‘Youth in Revolt’ with Michael Cera. It was a pretty strange movie.. Like, really strange. Kinda can’t work out if I liked it or not. The chick in it is pretty unknown, but she reminds me of Emma Stone x with someone else I can’t quite think of..

After that we watched ‘My Sisters Keeper’. Pretty good movie I reckon. Totally made sense eventually. It kept skipping between past and present though and sometimes that was confusing. But, well done overall. I also think I prefer Abigail Breslin over Dakota Fanning. They’re both the same age, I wonder if they’re friends? They’re both going to go far either way. Dakota fanning looks way older though dressed up, as everyone has noticed in ‘The Runaways’ .. Abigail Breslin still has that 10 year old look LOL.

And yeah, not much else! I should head to bed now, cause I’ve gotta be up early. Got a training shift at the PNE tomorrow! Leaving a bit earlier so I can find it hopefully! TTFN!

    • g-ma
    • August 14th, 2010

    Well Jess I noticed that you stood up to give your seat and I saw you chase that bottle down the bus and I applaud. I hope you continue to do at least one good deed a day whether anyone notices or not.
    How’s smile time going? Give one away, get one back? Well not always, but it does surprise people and can be infectious; good virus to catch; particularly warming in winter

    • haha maybe i’ll try that in winter then. i did a good deed yesterday and it succeeded. i forgot to blog about it though i think. an older lady and her little wheely shopping cart behind her yelled out to me “hold the door would ya” on the train, and normally if the doors hit something they re-open. but it didnt. so i kinda just stood in the middle getting squished and then i had to push them open so she could get in lol it was difficult. but she got on haha

    • Dom
    • August 15th, 2010

    I noticed that old lady who didn’t want the bottle.
    She actually took it with her off the bus…

    • yeah, then she chucked it in the bin lol. it was actually a pretty cold bottle of unopened water. what a waste.

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