Day 116


So! Struggled to get to sleep last night, again. Chiquita was restless and wasn’t sleeping so I couldn’t sleep. Annoying! D: But I finally got to sleep, and then at 5.44am I got a call from a number in Ohio. I didn’t answer it, cause it would have cost me heaps. So I ignored it, and then googled the number. Nothing came up.. Wrong number I guess. Cause I didn’t get any more calls from it.

Anyways, got up at 7.30. Had to go to Playland! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to leave at the 9am bus, or the 9.30am bus. So I just did whatever and waited and went with the flow! I ended up going with the 9.30am bus. Which came a bit late, and then there was a detour. Ugh. But I still got there on time! Cause I’d left way early anyways. Only takes an hour to get there, so I got there at 10.30. Then had to walk heaps far. I thought I was going the wrong way. So weird. All just to find the staff entrance. Totally not cool for public transport..

But I got there. Did everything I was supposed to. Finally got to the stand in which I was working for the shift! There was me and 3 other girls. I’m pretty sure they were all younger than me too. Haha, they were all teaching me! It was funny. Me and one of the girls pretty much did everything up front. I ran the register for most of it. Crazy. I’m on the donut stand by the way. So we sell mini donuts, churros, elephant ears, pop, water, powerade, and I think that’s it. LOL. In the one I’ll be working at for PNE though there won’t be elephant ears, but there will be snow cones!

It was pretty cool. When I was out back before I started, I was watching this..

I love my jobs.

Except if I was to do PNE next year, or even Playland too, I don’t think I’d work concession. Rides or games.. or security.. or something else interesting. Food is food. I don’t get to watch people, or rides, or any of that kinda stuff. Nothing exciting.. It’s just like being in any other food place I guess.

I realized today, that in the past 3 months, I’ve added unicycling, rubiks cube completions, carnival staff, and PNE/Playland to my list of experiences & skills. Plus I already juggle, and make rubber band balls. Someone PLEASE suggest to me some great business ideas. Oh, AND social networking stuff. I need something I can do traveling around and still make money! 😦 Please! HELP! D:

Maybe Cirque De Soleil will hire me 😉 HAHA I wish.

OH! Today, one of the girls I was working with, she asked me “Do you speak Australian?” sarcastically, I replied “..yeah?” she then leans over the bench, looks at me directly and full seriously. “Okay, say.. hi, how are you?” I looked at her in all seriousness and replied “Hi, how are you?” she stared at me for a second and goes “No, in Australian..” I laughed. So hard. Had to walk away. LOLOL. One of the other chicks looked at her and goes “They speak english, with an Australian accent… OMG” LOLOL! It was so good. It made my day. LOL.

Oh, turns out that same girl lives near me! HAHA. And she goes to the school Alexis went to, except this chick is 2 grades below. Turns out she knows of Lexi but. Small world!

Okay, I’m out of stuff to write really.. Gonna just chill.. Do whatever. I dunno. Bye!

    • poppy
    • August 15th, 2010

    g’day jess. It’s a great blog, I’m glad Canada’s going well for you. Apart from the fact that I’m probably the world’s slowest typist, I’m also a bloody dinosaur at this internet caper, so I hope you actually receive this comment. I’m proud of you and hope things really take off for my number 1 grand-daughter. Lots of love. POPPY

    • hey poppy, i got your comment. if you managed to get that to work, then you can’t be too much of a dinosaur with the internet! doing better than some people!
      yeah canada is good, once i find more work and stuff it’ll be okay. but i don’t want to work in a store or restaurant or anything. i wanna keep doing funner stuff like i’ve been doing. it’s tough haha. might just run away with a circus..

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