Day 117

It’s soo hot right now. It’s gross. It’s about 27 degrees apparently. I dunno. That’s what mum said. Our thing says 81. Haha. So you convert it.. But it’s midnight. And hot. And gross. How are we meant to sleep??

Eh.. Anyways.. Spent the day looking up traveling carnivals.. Not even kidding. I’ve discovered a lot. It’s pretty cool. I wanna travel around Canada/America working a carnival! D: Just gotta find a good bunch of people/good carnival.. If my current carnival traveled all over Canada it’d be great! But sadly, it doesn’t. 😦

Not much else happened today.. Heidi came home from work at said there was a bike out at one of the houses that always leaves free stuff out by their bin. So we were going to go get it once it was dark. So when we went to get it.. We heard people talking in their yard/house, so instead we grabbed some chairs from the neighbours place that was out in their ‘free’ pile. We then came back thinking they’d be gone by now, but instead there was a woman in her house at her sink basically looking right out over the yard, so we didn’t want to take it then! It sounds so bad, but we just feel really awkward taking stuff. EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS FREE. No, we’re not stealing! But we still feel awkward!

So we went back home, and we watched ‘Grown Ups’ cause Heidi & Dom hadn’t seen it yet. After it was over, we went back to get the bike.. But again, failed, cause someone was out in the street. So we went home. Nevermind! D:

Oh, I also made them watch ‘Quarantine’ today. Heidi hated it. AHAH. She screamed really loud in one bit and while she jumped/screamed, she also clapped.. it was so random. I lol’d.

Hmm.. What else.. Oh, Old Greg the tabby cat came back again today. Heidi leaned over the fence and asked the neighbours if it was theirs. But the man said no, but he’d been feeding it and giving it water daily and it sleeps on their patio now usually. But yeah, it’s not their cat.. So I took a photo of him and posted it on craigslist. Only got one reply, someone asking to let them adopt it instead of sending it to the shelter.. We weren’t planning on sending it to the shelter.. And not planning to let anyone adopt it either cause it may actually live around here.

Anywhoo.. this is the cat,

Meow.. I annoy the dog!

And yeah, that’s pretty much it for today! Tomorrow, I’m going to have to FORCE myself to do my uni assignment.. Shouldn’t be too hard to do, it’s just actually getting around to doing it. As well as I’m bummed with my P+ mark on the last assignment 😦 haha. Eh, at least it passed.

Gonna go drown in my sweat and try to sleep! Night!

    • g-ma
    • August 16th, 2010

    Ah jess, you are so upbeat

    stay with it girl

    ps. if you have trouble, contact your mum

    but not saying I will help

    • g-ma
    • August 16th, 2010

    Forgot to say I love you

    • melaniee
    • August 16th, 2010

    hahahahahahaha love the caption for old greg
    well i laughed anyways

    mum reckons youve taken photos of two different cats LOL!

    i love you too jess πŸ™‚ me nd your gmaaaaa will keep ya goin πŸ˜‰

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