Day 118

Wow. I didn’t realize it was already 11.30pm. Weird. But I guess I only just had dinner like an hour ago, and a smoothie now! Mmmm!

It’s also not as hot tonight, I’m glad!

So today, I forced myself to get a start on my assignment.. But sadly this failed cause I was pretty confused. So I’m waiting for mum to spare some time (hopefully really soon! cause it’s due this week!) to give me a run down and some help on it and help me start it! Uni sucks! 😦

Heidi rang up after work and told me to tell Dom that she had 2 missed calls from London Drugs, so she wanted him to come down there to go talk to them cause she couldn’t get through to them when she called back. I went along too cause I wanted to go to Crystal Mall & check out the supposed cheaper phones.

So we jumped on the bus and met Heidi in New West. Went in to London Drugs, Dom spoke to the guy. The man said he’d send him an email and what not with a little test thing and then they’ll take it from there. So hopefully he gets that! I applied at 3 London Drugs stores, they didn’t want me! Haha! Shame..

Then we jumped on the bus to Metrotown and headed on over! We thought the bus would be quicker than going to the skytrain & going from there. But we were wrong. We sat on the bus for 40 minutes. It was terrible. It was too hot to be stuck on the bus with all those people. Ugh!

When we walked in to Crystal Mall, we felt like we’d just hopped off a plane to another country. It’s an Asian mall. And it seriously felt like we’d just landed in Bangkok or something! No joke. It was so weird. Their phones weren’t that cheap either. Cheapest Blackberry Bold 9700 I found was $480. Next up was $500. Then $570. I know WIND Mobile sells theirs for $450 brand new! With a $20 rebate even! Weird.

So finally we got out of Crystal Mall. Too Asian in there.. Then we jumped on the skytrain and went back to New West so we could go to Safeway. But we stopped over at Maccas cause it was so hot and we were thirsty and we wanted to keep taking advantage of the $1 any size soft drink before the promotion is over! Only Dom & I drink the large cokes, with refills. Heidi just gets water. No fun!

Headed on over to Safeway then, we needed some milk. The fruit & veggie shop was closed so we couldn’t get anything there. But we got our milk thankfully! Mmm, cereal..

Finally got home, we weren’t really hungry. So we didn’t do much. Just chilled. Didn’t watch a movie or anything. Dom was playing games as usual, Heidi went and had a shower.. Then broke the toilet. LOL. Pretty funny. But it’s okay, we’ve fixed it now. Thankfully. Cause I was concerned I’d have to go pee outside all night like Chiquita..

What else.. Oh, Heidi & I went door knocking in the street behind ours to try and find out where Old Greg the cat lives.. Three houses we knocked at no one answered, but one man was outside his house and he said the house across the street has 2 cats. So possibly it belongs to them.. Not sure what we plan to say when we find the cats owner.. “Keep your cat inside, it bugs our dog?” Yeah, I don’t think so.. I dunno what we’re going to say. Eh.

I made a yummy sandwich for dinner. I had it a few nights ago too. It’s a veggie sausage, fried egg, lettuce, and cheese, with salt & sauce on it.. It’s good. Mmm.. Wasn’t as great tonight though cause the bread was going slightly hard, not all fresh & soft. But it was still good! And now I’m having a banana smoothie, cause they’re great!

Not much else today really.. Tomorrow I really have to get this assignment done cause I’m working on Wednesday and then I’ll only have Thursday until 5pm left to rush and do it! Mum! Please help me ASAP! D:


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