Day 120

I’m homeee. Finally! Okay that’s a lie, I got home just under an hour ago HAHA.

Anywhoo.. Chiquita must have known last night was her last night staying down here, so she took FULL advantage of sleeping on my bed. I remember waking up at one point in the night and i was on my side facing the wall, and she had her back to mine, on her side, facing away from the wall. LOL. Normally she sleeps at the end of the bed, but no, she’d snuck her way up to the top! It was funny. She’s such a good dog. Naww.

In the morning, I kept trying to work on my assignment.. Then I had to get ready and head off to work! Playland! I tried a different way to work this time, just trying to get slightly closer to the staff gate, cause I had to walk pretty far last time. So google maps told me to get on the 130 at Brentwood. And I did. But apparently it was the wrong 130?? I don’t know how that’s possible. But it was.. So I had to get off near Hastings & walk a block over to Hastings, and then catch the proper 130. While walking to that bus stop, there was one of them dog-like seagulls flying really low through the intersection. Cars stopped for it and were beeping and everything when it stopped and was walking on the road. One van went around it, but the van behind him didn’t. I don’t know if it got hit or not. Like there was a heap of cars going by and I didn’t see it fly off, or get off the road, but I dunno hey. There was a group of kids on the other side of the road waiting to cross too! They were watching it! Hopefully it was okay. Myself & an older woman were watching in horror for the poor bird. We both crossed and got to the other side and looked back like “where is it??” but hopefully it was okay!

So then I just got on the correct bus in time, finally! That means I took 3 busses & 1 train to get to work today. That’s terrible! And I took 2 buses & a train to get from work to unicycling, then a train & a bus home from unicycling! God. Such a translink eventful day!

Work was good. Fast. I packed a lot of donuts today too. I was having a bad day with the drinks though. I think most of the drinks ended up all down my arms. It was terrible. I just kept making them over flow. I was getting impatient with waiting for the bubbles/foam to go down.. You know? Haha.

Finished work at 7.30, got to take home some left over donuts (shh!) they’re so yummyyyy… Then I headed from work to unicycling. Met Heidi & Dom at Maccas. Gave them some donuts. Then we went over to unicycle. I kept trying to freemount again, I can do it generally.. I need to work on my actual riding first I think. There’s no point in me freemounting if I can’t actually ride for very long without the wall. So next week I may just stick to the riding. But, I can pretty much freemount! Adam wasn’t happy. LOL. I just kept trying and trying and he was like “really? you’re trying freemounting already…” There’s people there who have unicycled for years and still can’t freemount. I just wanted to learn it 😛 Then I did it while Adam was talking to Brandon & I went from where I was to them (not very far, probably only 2 wheel rotations lol) and then I jumped off. Adam goes “..did you just freemount?” yep 🙂 “..dammit.” *walks off* HAHA. He wasn’t happy!

Someone brings bread all the time, I’m not sure who.. I don’t remember. But he must work at a bakery or something cause there’s always sooo much bread brought along. And it’s just like help yourself and take as much as you can home with you! So we were snacking on bread, and Adam, Brandon & the bread guy made a Maccas drink run and came back with drinks for everyone, and extras. (the $1 promotion!) So we all hung around eating & drinking & talking as we do. Then afterwards, Adam was gonna go back on the giraffe unicycle.. You know, the tall one. LOL. It’s like the height of me. They convinced me to get on it and try it out.. So I did! They boosted me on to the pole to climb up to get on to it. Then the first time I tried it I was holding on to Nicks shoulder, cause he’s so tall anyways. But it felt like he started running and I was too busy shitting myself up there to pedal fast enough to go. So he slowed down, but then we basically stopped and it fell sideways LOL. Wasn’t bad. I landed on my feet luckily. Then they were all clap clap and what not, then insisted I should try it again. LOL. So I did. The second time was better. Adam and Nick were on either side so I could hold on to them for balance. Adam reckons I wasn’t really using his side for balance, same for Nick. So I think they were more just my safety rails hahaha. Then I didn’t want to get down. They were saying “fall forwards!” they tried to angle me forward to drop off, but my body was like NO NO NO NO! And just wouldn’t go forwards. But eventually they leaned me far enough forwards that I fell forward. LOL.

Pretty cool. I feel accomplished. Adam said he was impressed, cause most people wouldn’t even dare give it a try. But I figured why the hell not. Haha!

Then I found Nicks rubiks cube & was doing that, but it was basically dark by then so I couldn’t really see the colours properly. Then Nick & Adam came along with more rubiks cubes and we all struggled in the dark. Ahahaha. I like Wednesday nights. They’re totally my crowds of people. Unicycling, rubiks cubes, juggling, I wonder what else…?

Hmm. Anywhoooo. So on the way home, we decided the only way we would have a chance to make the bus at Lougheed would be to run down the other side and try and run to the bus stop near the lights.. So we ran! And ran! When we got out of the station at the bottom, the bus was there at the lights, and we just bolted. I stopped for the lights though.. and pressed the button.. But Dom comes flying by me yelling “JUST LEG IT!!!” So I followed and we just ran across the road. LOL. But it went green to cross as soon as we did anyways, so don’t stress! Then we were SO close to the bus sto, but the driver didn’t give a shit. Didn’t even slow down or nothing. It sucks. Damn you Translink and your crappy services! Never on time, always VERY early or SUPER late. AND NEVER CARE TO STOP OR WAIT 😦 WE TRIED. We ran for so far. LOL.

So, instead of waiting half an hour at that stop, we decided to walk to the next stop just to pass the time. Oh, we also took a breadstick each from the stash of bread at unicycling. When we were running, Dom had two of the bread sticks in his hands while screaming and running for the bus. LOL. It was funny, cause we think he freaked out the guy that was walking in front of him. Wouldn’t you be scared too if a guy came running and screaming at you with two big bread sticks in his hands?? LOLOL.

Then we chilled at the bus stop, for ages. The bread sticks were really hard, so we ended up trying to play baseball with them. Failure. I hit one, that’s about as far as the game got. Everything else missed. We were just being total retards at the bus stop, cause we can. We put the bread sticks on our thumbs and called them hitch hiker thumbs. Haha. We were clearly super bored. Then finally the bus came, and we went home. Yay.

And yep, that’s it really. Came home to an empty house 😦 Chiquita is back upstairs now as the family is home from their trip! I’ll be sad now with nothing to look after & feed. I already feel like I’m missing something! Not good! Ahh! D: *must get hedgehog* ;D

So, yeah, gonna go shower now or something I think. Then perhaps do some more on my assignment, then head off to bed! I’m so tired. But gotta have this assignment done by tomorrow!!


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