Day 121


YAY! So good! Only took forever! Now I can chill, and play frontierville, and whatever else I feel like doing lol

So nothing really epic happened today.. Forced myself out of bed at about 11 so I could work on the assignment. Spent all day basically doing the assignment except for toilet, bath, and food breaks. Heidi came home around 3 and I was making myself lunch. I made an english muffin with egg tomato cheese and sauce. MMM. So good. I’d been wanting one for ages. So Heidi bought some muffins yesterday for me. Haha 😀

Then I went back to assignment.. Mum came on and helped me a bit more. Then went to work. Then I realized I’d been doing the assignment wrong, cause I’d made paragraphs and stuff. When really it just needed to be points and pretty basic stuff.. So it wasn’t hard to change it to that luckily!

Finally handed it in then. Yay!

For dinner, we had the bread sticks we got last night from unicycling. And we made ourselves “Subway”. Mine was so hard to eat cause stupidly I left mine in the cupboard rather than in the fridge? I don’t know why.. I guess I figured it would stay nicer in there. Apparently not! But we grilled them all anyways so that helped a bit. But once the heat from the grill wore off it was so tough to eat. But still, wasn’t bad!

Oh, I also took the mail up to Jacquie today now that they’re home! Saw Chiquita! She came and said hello to me! Haha it was pretty sad not having her here last night! D: But Jacquie says if we’re ever feeling lonely, Chiquita can come for a sleepover. LOL! So yeah, chatted to her for a bit. Not too long.

And that’s pretty much it really. I’m really tired now but I need to go have a shower.


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