Day 122

Wow. I can’t believe it’s already day 122. I just got confused and had to double check that it really was 122. Weird!! Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.. I’m not sure how long it feels like though, yes it feels like ages, but it doesn’t feel like THAT long..

So, today I slept in cause I was finished my assignment and I felt relieved 🙂 I took it as a chance to just chillax. Really didn’t do much for the most of the day. Then Heidi came home at about 3 and we decided on when we were going to head out to the PNE’s 100th anniversary street parade!

We headed out at about 5, got to English Bay at around 6.30 and just chilled for a bit. Then finally at around 7, the parade began!

Yeah, it was THAT kind of parade!

Huge blow up things coming through, pretty cool. A couple of floats here and there, as well as like a marching band, some cheerleaders, some dancing kids, a bunch of kids dressed as Elvis, a bunch of kids dressed as the Beatles, etc! Pretty rad!

My favorite of the bunch though was definitely..


It was funny as, cause there was traffic lights right in front of where we were standing basically, and they had to all dodge hitting the lights! So when Clifford got to the 2nd set of lights, everyone yelled out “Roll over Clifford!” HAHA.

It was great.

My camera battery wasn’t charged though! So it only would stay on for a few seconds at a time, so I was alternating between my phone camera & my camera. So some of the photos are better quality than the others, deal with it! Wouldn’t it be great if in my days working at the PNE, my supervisor decides I’m great and all and gives me an entry thing to go into the competition to win a camera each day?! That would be SWELL! But it seems like the supervisors are my age pretty much, and not really supervisor like.. So, I don’t see this happening! We can hope though, right?

Anywhoo. Parade was exciting. Afterwards we headed to Commercial/Broadway and Heidi and Dom had Quiznos for dinner. I decided I was too broke, so I was waiting until we got home! So they got their food, then we went in and sat at Maccas so they could get the $1 drinks. We were sitting at the seats facing outwards to the street, when Brodie & his friend walked by! I didn’t notice, cause I was doing my rubiks cube. But Heidi noticed them and they noticed Heidi and then came in. They were getting ice cream anyways lol.

So we sat and talked for a bit, then we headed home. With Brodie too. Haha. Brodie ended up calling his parentals to come pick him/us up at one of the stations. So that was nice! He wouldn’t have caught the bus home if he didn’t have to haha so we just got lucky I guess.

And yeah, then we came home. I made another muffin with egg, tomato, cheese & sauce. MMM. So good. It’s so huge and filling too. But SOO yum. I feel like another one even though I’m full as. D:

Tomorrow night, I have work at PNE. I’ll probably be home pretty late, so the blog will probably be later than usual. But I hope I’m not home too late cause I still have to make the last bus home! AND I’ve got to be out in Surrey by 10.30am on Sunday for carnival! Busybusy weekend!


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