Day 123

Woo! Day 123! Epic numbers!

So today I had work at the PNE. It’s the opening day of PNE, and everyone was surprised that it didn’t rain. First time in years apparently that it hasn’t rained on PNE opening day! But, it’s spose to rain tomorrow. This saddens me. I’ve got carnival 😦 it ALWAYS rains on carnival.. Duh D: But, we can still hope that it doesn’t rain, right?

During the day, I slept in. Tried to get as much sleep as I could because I’d be out tonight and working all tomorrow too.. Heidi was spose to work, but they called her up and said she didn’t need to. So we decided to watch a movie. We ended up watching ‘War of the Worlds’ lol. I kept thinking of Scary Movie 4’s take offs of it though so it was distracting. Right before we put the movie on Heidi got called up and said they needed her to work (annoying) it was at 9am they told her they didn’t need her for a 10am start. And they rang at 2 and asked her to work at 4.30. Poor Heidi. She was annoyed.

Anyways, I left at about 5.30, for a 7pm start. Went on the bus, train, bus, walked, such effort. Then yep, I worked etc. It’s a tiny little stand and we had 4-5 people in there! Crazy! Eventually you get used to it though..

We were watching the fireworks whilst making & packing donuts..


Anyways, I was spose to work til 12.45, but I wouldn’t have made the bus then. So they let me out at 11.45. Luckily I made all the buses and what not! So all is good! Now I’m home, and tired. I actually ran most of the way home from the bus stop cause I was busting to pee! And now I’m super hungry, but there’s really no food unless I cook something. It’s pretty sucky. I don’t even know what I’m going to take with me tomorrow for carnival. Ugh. Lame!

Okay, I better go to bed, gotta be up in under 6 hours!


    • g-ma
    • August 22nd, 2010

    Jess that’s a pretty effective photo; keep taking them, unsure what has happened at the top though; enjoy yourself at the fair

    • the top of the photo is the top of the stand i was in. we only had a small gap on either side and a big gap at the front, so i was just taking the photo from what i could see haha.

    • g-ma
    • August 22nd, 2010

    Hey Jess,
    have just taken a closer look at photo 00039….. Wonderful!
    Would make a fantastic poster/posters

    • g-ma
    • August 23rd, 2010

    The photos is an evening one and is currently showing to the right, at the top of your blog page; it is numbered P_00039.
    Hey everyone, have a look at the hedgehog in the photo stream. Love it Jess, get one!

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